Pre-Birthday Back Breaker

AO: Widowmaker

When: 10/15/2022


PAX (8): Cox, Doughboy, Funyun, Ha-ha, Speedo, Zohan, Slash


What better way to kick-off a birthday week than waking up early and forcing friends to run and do various challenges, with a little 1975 trivia mixed in?


Mosey around the parking lot for SSHs, weedpickers, copperhead squats, arm circles and covids…Then off to the top of the widowmaker.

The Thang:

Met at the top of the hill for the first trivia question, which generated a correct answer and no major penalty…

Grabbed coupons on the way down and met at the bottom for additional trivia and the start of a Dora. 100 wonderbras, 200 skull crushers, 300 curls while the partner Bernied to the end of the guardrail and ran back.

What goes down, must come up. After completing Dora, started up the hill with a Lt. Dan until the end of the guardrail, followed by a Cusack until coupons were returned. Quick recovery and trivia at the top before moseying to the concession stand.

More work in teams with partners rotating wall sits, six inches, and different ab exercises (gas pumpers, hammers and BBSs).

Couple of minutes to spare so we added a set of dips, derkins and squats before returning to the flag.

Props to Cox for completing the workout despite injuring his back. (Time to call in Morphine?)


Prayers for Cox’s M (Anna) who will be undergoing surgery next week to correct what caused her stroke over the summer.

Blood drive planned for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Great way to show gratitude and help the community. More on Slack channel.

Convergence planned for 10/29 at Boneyard. Details posted on slack. Widowmaker closed that day.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Getting older, but hopefully getting stronger. Looking forward to another year of challenges, pain and hopefully some fun.

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