Slow and Low – That is the tempo

AO: The Hooch

When: 10/12/2022

QIC: McCracken

PAX (15): Angus, Animal, Boomer, Dinghy, Flo, HotSauce, Maguire, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter, PuffDaddy, Scar, Scrooge, Splinter, Sunshine


I recently was introduced to a format that frankly I couldn’t believe I didn’t figure out on my own:  the concept of working out SLOWLY.  It makes perfect sense- the more time under tension your muscles get, the more work they do which greatly increases your gains in a time efficient manner.  This idea was put to test today and this PAX is interested to see if soreness prevails in the a.m.  The Hooch family showed up and persevered through the gloom, the grunts and the squirrelly programming….

The custom playlist included the likes of Beastie Boys (Slow and Low), Government Mule (Slow Happy Boys), Van Morrison (Slim Slow Slider) and Foghat (Slow Ride) and washed down with a sweet Rocky themed Tabata in the end.




Weed picker

Little baby arm circles

Michael Phelps

10 Merkans OYO

Slow Mosey 

The Thang:

‘Slow it down’ 

Partner workout

Part 1:

40 reps of Partner 1: 5/5 tempo merkans
Partner 2: Bernie Sanders to parking lot line/ bear crawl back.  Increase lines each round

40 of Partner 1: 5/5 tempo squats
Partner 2: lunge walk to parking lot line/ Imperial walker back. Increase lines each round

50 of Partner 1: Burpee
Partner 2: Bernie Sanders to parking lot line/ crab walk back. Increase lines each round

Part 2:

Mosey to the portico

Tabata :40 on/ :20 off

Partner 1:  5/1 tempo Jump Squat

Partner 2: 5/1 tempo Big boy SU’s

X  4 rounds

Partner 1: wall sit

Partner 2: plank

X 4 rounds

Mosey back to the flag for a round of Merry.


Prayers were lifted up for travel mercies and God’s presence in interactions for Splinter during his trip to Tanzania, for Popper’s family who are grieving the loss of  Aunt Pat and her husband who is also in poor health, and for Scrooge’s hernia surgery upcoming next week.

Convergence coming up and a blood drive.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was not my first Q but it was my first (and long overdue) at the Hooch.  I assume it gets easier the more you do it but I want to thank each HIM who came out today to get a good sweat, share some fellowship and join in prayer for our brothers.  Y’all were super encouraging and I’m thankful and proud to be a part of this F3 community.  Great work gents!!

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