Burpees with a side of Burpees

AO: Starting Line

When: 10/12/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Janeway, Sirmixalot, Beeline


Today, just like this day last year was a day the PAX had been dreading, it was world Burpee day and I wanted to make sure we honored, one of the best and most hated exercises in the F3 nation, and honestly I take a bit of sadistic joy in the groans and moans of the PAX as the burpee count increases.

I got there for the Pre-ruck and took a mosey to my planned route and enjoyed a great morning with temps in the low 60s.  As I got back to the AO I noted Janeway had arrived and was ready to go, soon after Beeline and SirMixalot arrived and it was time to start the mosey.


Took a long mosey to the football field to start the warmup


Weed pickers
Copperhead squats
Windmills were done
and since we were on the football field it was time to start the burpee events

The Thang:

Event 1
10 Contra burpees
burpee with increasing # of merkins so 1 -10 merkins with the burpees
We moseyed back to the AO and looked for a possible FNG that was not able to make it today, so we headed to the next Event

7s with
Double shot of Jackies – Burpee with a plank jack after the merkin and a SSH/Jumping jack on the jump up
Hugh Jackmans at the top
the area we did the 7 was the stairs/step up area next to Lanier Tech,

Event 3
Another round of 7s, at the stairs
Regular burpees at the bottom
Bear crawl to the top
BDE Burpees at the top
Mosey back to the bottom
The bear crawls to the top added a bit more challenge, I would most likely add in Crawl bear down to add to the challenge level.

And with that the BD came to an end, awesome job by Beeline, Janeway, and SirMixalot, it was an honor to lead these men and am thankful for the way they each help me get a bit better every week.


Prayer request
Prayers for Beeline’s father-in-law
Prayers for the people recovering from hurricane Ian  and the HIM that are heading to Florida to help in the recovery process.

Acceleration Point
Beeline shared that he has begun a new routine of working up earlier to help build focus and a new routine to help him grow and encouraged us to do the same

I shared that we need to find a purpose/vision for your life it will help us not get so angry/frustrated, also shared verse Proverbs 29:18a – where there is no vision the people perish

Ended in prayer and with that it was time for Beeline to head out

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Beeline headed out as soon as the prayer was done, and I had to head out soon after so no pic was taken to document the events but it was an awesome morning and one I truly enjoyed leading.

And now the count down to World Burpee day 2023 begins

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