**** You, Baskins

AO: Jailbreak

When: 10/06/2022

QIC: Inseam

PAX (13): Baskins, Benny, Inseam, jugdish, Krystal, Napalm, Olaf, Schneider, Swiper, Valley Girl, Jiminy,Dream Boat,Bagel


Efforts being made to stick together. Circling back for the 6 at key junctions is key. Posting the route the night before is also key.


Prerun (for 2). Show up and yawn till 0530 (the others)

The Thang:

Run the route that was posted the night before. Sorta. YHC made his route on strava first. Then made it on footpath to share with pax. The footpath one was EVER SO SLIGHTLY different at one intersection, but did end up at the same place and was 98% the same route. Baskins called this early, but not early enough. YHC fought him the next 4 miles. Got back to the flag. Check phone. Think to self, “shit”. Call out, “f*** you Baskins!”. Errbody laughs at YHC’s expense. It was great.


Quiet morning.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Oh hey, there’s Swiper.

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