Planned randomness

AO: Boneyard

When: 10/07/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (6): Dinghy, FannyPack, Scar, Speedo, Zohan, Brownie


Late substi-Q for an ailing Morphine so YHC was scrambling to put together a good workout that would make Morphine proud (i.e. lots of pain).  Some HCs were on the board, a plan was in place and here we go.  It was a beautiful morning and I for one am thankful for any fall mornings where I can wear a short sleeve shirt.


Mosey down to investigate a lone car near the tennis courts.  We turned around when it got dark and scary on the trail and ended up near said car for:

  • SSH x12 IC
  • Copperhead squats x12 IC
  • Imperial walkers x12 IC
  • Grady Corns x12 IC (look it up in the exicon)
  • Michael Phelps OYO

Turns out the lone car was a hard-working newspaper delivery guy getting his papers organized for the morning.  We were doing the Grady Corns as he left and I’m guessing he’s just glad to get out of there alive.

The Thang:

Mosey up to the parking lot next to the lacrosse fields.  Simple concept, difficult to do:

  • Bear crawl one parking spot then do one merkin
  • Bear crawl two parking spots then do two merkins
  • etc.  We made it up to 7

Run back to the starting point for a rinse and repeat of sorts:

  • Lunge walks and squats
  • Somehow we only made it to 6

Repeat one more time, this time:

  • Bunny hops and burpees
  • We ended up on a different number than the other two (or I did at least)

Conclusion…either we can’t count consistently or someone added or removed parking lines while we were doing the beat down.

Mosey to the FOMO Donut (copyright pending) where YHC pointed out the 6, 9, 12 and 3 o’clock positions.  Starting at 6 o’clock we would travel clockwise to the next quarter-hour mark and perform an exercise.  Here’s what we did:

  • From 6-9 we crab-walked and then did 20 BBSUs.  The Rubicon guys loved this one after playing capture the flag yesterday.
  • From 9-12 we crawl beared and then did 25 merkins
  • From 12-3 we duck walked and then did 25 monkey humpers
  • From 3 back to 6 we did broad jumps (or bunny hops as it were) and finished with 10 burpees.

Mosey to what I thought would be the memorial wall but we turned early for:

  • Backward lunged to the middle and then did 25 alpha freddies
  • Crawl bear (forgot we had already done this one) to the other end and did 25 alpha count shoulder taps.  Note to self…shoulder taps after crawl bears es no bueno.
  • Side lunge with left leg leading back to the middle and then 25 squat jumps
  • Side lunge with right leg leading back to where we started for 10 hand-release prison cell merkin burpees.  They are as awful as they sound and then some.  But we only did 10.

After a walking 10-count we moseyed back toward the flag and stopped at the parking lot by the end of the lacrosse field.  There is a net at the end of the lacrosse field to keep the balls on the field and off the windshields of the cars.  There are 5 evenly spaced poles holding up the net.  What a great opportunity to do some suicides.

  • Run to the first pole and do 5 merkins then back to the start for one burpee
  • Second pole, 10 squats, back for a burpee
  • Third pole, 15 LBCs, back for a burpee
  • Fourth pole, 20 dry docks, back for a burpee
  • Fifth pole, 25 star jumps.  Two gazelles made it back for a burpee while everyone else stayed and did our burpee after the star jumps.

Back to the flag for some dying cockroaches and gas pumpers before time was called.


F3 Alpha Convergence is Saturday 10/29 at the Boneyard.  6:30 start with pre-run and pre-ruck options available.  Contact Speedo, Feathers, Dinghy, Mater, Zohan, Morphine or any other Boneyard regular for details and check Slack for an upcoming comz.

Prayers for the people of Florida as they recover from hurricane Ian.

Prayers and praise for Dinghy as he heads into the home stretch with his job search.

Prayers for Bo Knows’ wife as she battles breast cancer.

Praise for strong bodies, beautiful weather, great fellowship and for this great nation we live in.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fall is my third favorite season (after Spring and Summer).  It would be higher on my list if it didn’t mark the slide into winter.  Some things I do love about Fall are the temps and dryer weather that allow for a tough beat down but one that doesn’t just suck the life out of you with the high humidity and temps we see most of the year.  Today was one of those days and to add to the perfection, we had a great group of guys groaning and talking smack and working hard all at the same time.  There is nowhere I’d rather be at 5:30 am and I appreciate and love you guys.

–Speedo out

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