Clown Cars and Rubicon….That’s what Windjammers Do!

AO: Rubicon

When: 10/05/2022

QIC: Milli Vanilli

PAX (10.5): Dipstick, False Start, FannyPack, Groundhog, Krueger, Lil Hurt, lumberg-g-g-GHOST, MillerTime, Milli Vanilli, Townie, Turbine


This week marks my official three-year anniversary with F3 and what better place to Q.  The unofficial start goes back 4+ years at the Widowmaker where I was aptly named, however a 12 month hiatus just doesn’t make it official.

It was at the prodding of Cookie coupled with me leaving the old job and going off on my own that finally pushed me to take the leap and embrace the gloom.

And I sure am glad I did….


A mosey over to the Flag for a few SSH, Willie Mays Hays (Go Tribe!), Weedpickers, and Imperial Walkers.


And we’re off to the track….


Courtesy of Round 2 Redistricting, my monday evening quickly evaporated so I didn’t have time to immerse myself in the Exicon to come up with a creative Q.  However, I keep all my weinkies in the F3 Folder at home and had plenty of options to choose from so let’s begin.

The Thang:

The Thang…..The Millenial.

The Goal is a total count of 2,000 reps/units.  100 reps of each exercise with a 100 meter lap (though it’s really 0.25 miles here, but who’s counting).  First PAX to complete 100 of each rep initiates the run and remaining PAX join in the run together.

  1. SSH
  2. Lunges
  3. Merkins
  4. LBC
  5. Mountain Climbers (A)

YHC called an audible at this point after the lap and we proceeded to the coupon pile.

  1. 100 Calf Raises
  2. 25 skull crushers
  3. 25 rows
  4. 25 curls
  5. 25 overhead press

Return the coupons and let’s mosey towards the Flag, however we stopped at the beginning of the parking lot.  This here’s the starting line for the 100 yard (probably more…) sprint.

We did five sprints in total and 5 PAX called the exercise at the completion of the sprint

Milli V….10 merkins

Lumbergh…10 Flutter Kicks

Dipstick…10 something that I can’t remember….YHC was pretty gassed at this point.

Fanny Pack…10 Gas pumpers

Krueger….10 American Hammer

Almost time…yet because the Millenial calls for 100 burpees at the end and we did the audible, we each did 5 burpees.

And now that’s time.  Great work, men!  Some watches (errrrr apple) logged 3 miles.  Well done, I’ll take those numbers.  Garmin logged 2.39 for me so let’s split the difference.


A few updates…

Upcoming conversion

Santa Ruck…details forthcoming

Weather is starting to turn…let’s keep in touch with our brothers and show some support to keep everyone engaged during the cold of winter.  But it’s the south… really, it’s not that cold.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you to the men of F3 and in particular the Rubicon, Grindstone, and Windjammer.

Rubicon and Grindstone were ‘home’ for me when I first started here with F3.  While I’m honored to be Site Q and call Windjammer my home AO nowadays, I haven’t forgotten my roots.

It’s been great to be back in the Gloom here and love seeing a lot of familiar faces along with some new ones.

Here’s to the next three years….SYITG.


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