WESTCOT II: Favorite Rides Edition

AO: Nirvana

When: 10/01/2022

QIC: lumberg-g-g-GHOST

PAX (7): No-See-Um, Pinkey, Special K, Stroller, Stu, Plumb Bob


Always eager to get some chatter going on the Nirvana channel I have now made my ridiculous grudge of not naming this AO “WESTCOT” (Westside Experimental Strength Training Community of Tomorrow) an annual event. It is commemorated by WESTCOT week leading to the first Saturday in October.

And so I highlighted my favorite rides across all Disney World with past memories of lumberghs long forgotten(No beard? A little fuller in some areas?).

Today we will ride all these favorites.

A longer pre run for Stroller and a 5K with lumbergh and stroller. No PreRuck, something to do with Braves game last night perhaps.


Mosey up to the lot for some IWs, WPs, Toy Soldiers, and circles

The Thang:

Mosey over to the buses where No-See-Um knew my standard routine of the Bettis. But not exactly today.

1st Ride: STAR Tours
For each four digit number on the bus we perform:
TIE Fighters (Which is very similar to Mike Tysons)
Android Hammers (Like American Hammers but more robotic)
Rebel LBCs (Reverse)
Followed by an AT-AT Walk (Bear Crawl) to the next bus.

We cut short to make our next Fast Pass.

2nd Ride: Pirates of the Caribbean
At the lunch tables we do one legged dips and dercans. 10 X each leg.

Mosey to the other side of the park

3rd Ride: Expedition Everest
Climb the hill with a lunge and then a squat with each step. This is a challenge in balance.

4th Ride: Tower of Terror
Thankfully the Tower of Terror/Track was open today. We mosey to the bleachers.
13s with Mercans at the bottom and Squats at the top. The terror part is when you hit the middle aisle/landing each time you must do a burpee. This one really smoked the legs. Gave that feeling of walking around EPCOT all day with less drinking. Thinking of Caffey during this one. He really missed out.

5th Ride: Test Track but only the cool part
A 200 m sprint back to the gate.

6th Ride: Living with the Land
Bear Crawl up the hill to behind the bleachers. At each Magnolia tree you do 5 Stone Mountains. I think we passed 15 or so trees. Thankfully very few Living with the Joros and only one close call of Living with the Fall Down the Hill.

7th Ride: Astro Orbiter
Partner up at the rock pile and pick a rock. While partner A is doing Curl+Press (one motion) partner B is Freddy Mercury (waiting in line). 20X Curl/Press, then 15X, then 10X.

8th Ride: Whatever ride is similar to finding out your flag fell over and you must do 13 burpees. Probably Carousel of Progress of something.

9th Ride: Oh, with 3 buses nearby we have time to ride STAR Tours again. Too many 0s in the numbers today though.

10th Ride:
What happened to Haunted Mansion? Well consider this foolish mortals. You’ve done 999 reps, but there is always room for one more: One more Burpee which puts us exactly at park close time.


Prayers for good week all around.

Ask Plumb Bob about the next college QB star

Convergence Oct 29th

Prayers for the kids lining up for the SAT.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for sharing your memories of Disney and reading mine. I appreciate this group letting me have some fun. See you next year WESTCOT.

Always a pleasure to lead

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