Where’s the coffee?

AO: Big Creek

When: 09/28/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (8): Crab Cake, Inseam, Napalm, Olaf, Swiper, Bagel, Self Checkout


This wasn’t my first time at this AO but my first time Q’ing so I had the typical Q anxiety going on.  Did I remember to bring everything?  Will anyone else be there?  Am I sure I’m going to the right place?

Driving into the parking lot there were numerous pre-runners in the area so I knew I wouldn’t be alone.  I had requested someone bring two cinders for the Thang but did not see that particular HIM in the mix so was coming up with alternatives.  He drove in right as 5:30 hit and a super-thorough, airtight, bulletproof, SCOTUS-approved disclaimer was given after we learned an FNG was in our midst.

I would only learn later that there would be no coffeeteeria due to a forgetful HIM who shall remain named Inseam.


Mosey around the endless parking lots to a random street light where we circled up for:

  • SSH IC x15
  • Weedpickers IC x12
  • Hillbillies IC x12
  • Hangovers OYO
  • Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang:

A Roswell/JC favorite was resurrected for the men of Big Creek…Clear the Board.

16 different exercises (4 each for upper, core, legs and cardio) were written down on the left side of a board of pain.  YHC had added 20 tick marks next to each exercise and instructed the pax that each tick mark represented 20 reps of that exercise.  Once you were done with 20 reps, wipe a tick mark off the board then move to a different body part for the next exercise.  If I recall correctly here are the exercises:


  • Derkins
  • Mike Tysons
  • Swerkins
  • Merkins


  • BBSUs
  • Pickle Pounders
  • American Hammers (alpha)
  • Crab cakes (alpha)


  • Step ups or lunges
  • Jump squats
  • Get ups (x10)
  • Monkey Humpers


  • Run around playground
  • Farmers carry w/2 cinders
  • Bear crawl ~25 yards
  • Burpees (x10)

Partway through YHC called a modification to 15 reps per tick mark due to time constraints.  Sure enough, as our time was wrapping up the guys worked together to finish everything.  It was cool to watch/hear the teamwork (not to mention the grunts and groans) as we all worked together to finish the work.


Welcome FNG Self-checkout who read the NYT article and just showed up.  Swiper got him all signed up and I heard he was going to be back for the run on Thursday.

Prayers for wisdom for all of us.

Prayers for Bo Knows’ M going through treatment for breast cancer.

Sorry if I missed others here.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

I really enjoy posting at other AOs than my customary ones.  I get to meet new guys, see new terrain, hear new mumblechatter and connect with men who are simply trying to get better and stay connected with other men.  If you’ve not posted at a different AO in a while I encourage you to do it!  And if you’ve never Q’d at another AO, I encourage that as well.  Some have said that F3 is a leadership development group posing as a free men’s workout group.  I tend to agree and getting out of your comfort zone to workout with other men is a tremendous opportunity to lead by example and to expand your circle of friends.  DO IT!

–Speedo out

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