Things I Love

AO: Rubicon

When: 09/29/2022

QIC: MillerTime

PAX (20): Bottom Bunk, Cookie, Cup Check, Dipstick, False Start, FannyPack, Hollywood, HotSauce, Irene, Krueger, Lil Hurt, lumbergh, Milli Vanilli, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Special K, Trebek, Untouchable, Avis


Taking a page from NoSeeUm’s recent Q – Things I hate, YHC went the opposite direction with Things I Love.  It’s more fun to do things you like right?


We did things like butt kickers, high knees, karaoke and even a bear crawl.  Honestly I did this because it was on NoSeeUm’s list of Things I hate and everyone knows the fastest way to get better is to practice the things you hate.  Adversity makes you stronger, etc. etc.

The Thang:

A reunion trip thru Spider Web Alley was in order.  Great memories from a year ago when our new explosive growth joro spiders had the alley all plugged up with webbs.  Unfortunately this year the spiders have adapted to keep their webs above head height so it was far less dramatic.  We did stop and do burpee’s for six halfway thanks to Lumbergh notifying the Q we had Men a ways back.

Upon arrival at the parking lot, we practiced or defensive back drills on the parking lot lines covering a long distance.

Mosey on to the playground where we lined up for Morning Wood (or Morning Call if you prefer the proper term).  3 men for 5 pullups while the group did mercans.  Next up was “last man standing” BTTW – another thing I love.  Fanny Pack and Cookie made a strong run at the title but it wasn’t meant to be this day.

Next was a mosey to Herpes / Gritts Pavilion for a sequence of dips, alpha step ups and V-UPs.  20 of each and then 15 of each.

Mosey on to the Turf field where we partnered up for some wheelbarrow around the bases.  Each man covers two bases – a total fan favorite.  There was a close race with Hotsauce and Cookie but Cookie was disqualified for not touching home plate!

Back to the Flag for a 60 second low plank and some T Bombs.  All things I Love


Lots of pain and suffering mentioned this morning.  Prayers for all these family members.

Hotsauce has a fundraiser coming next week to raise money for a new Wrastling mat.  Details will be posted.

Come out Tuesday for Milli Vanilli 3 year Q at the Rubicon

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great temps, great crew of men and always nice to have some friends from Norseman visit.  We all got better today and a lot of gratitude for having the opportunity to lead.

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