An Actual Backblast

AO: Badapple

When: 09/28/2022

QIC: Short Circuit

PAX (8): Goose, Ponyboy, Short Circuit, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Icey, Santa Clause, Avis


I just thought we haven’t been doing enough pullups, so i decided to search SAE over for everywhere we could possibly do some along with some other fun back exercises.


Weed Pickers
Toy Soldiers
Raging Sphinx (Forearm stretch)
Downward Dog
Jane Fondas (Lat stretch)


The Thang:

30 back extensions of bleachers
Followed by rounds at 2 locations, spaced .25 miles (the jog) and .1 miles (the sprint) apart depending on the path taken between the 2.

1st location (3 stations)

1 – 2 x 80% inverted rows off a 14′ 2 x 4 strung through playground equipment
2 – 2 x 80% underhand pullups
3 – 30/side one armed rows w/ cinders

2nd location (3 stations)

1 –  2 x 80% 0 to 90 degree pullups
2 – 2 x 80% 90 to 180 degree pullups
3 – 50 curls w/ cinder

Do single exercise then move to next location.  Continue until time called.



Avis doing beast spartan in Atlanta March 18th
Santa Clause doing Super Spartan in Atlanta March 19th

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