30 Weight Oil, Duct Tape and a 2 x 4

AO: Norseman

When: 09/30/2022


PAX (18): Alpha Sugar, Blistex, Bottom Bunk, Cam's, Chapter 11, Crikey, DeLorean, FICO, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Hose Head, Password 123, Stu, TMI, TO, Untouchable, Walkie Talkie, Plum Bob


On the eve of the BD YHC was shaking off the rust of having posted just one time this month.  Would YHC remember how to call an exercise? What kind of BD can I lead after a bit too much time off?  Well, just figure the *@&! out!  Better give the pax a heads up on what is needed for tomorrow.  A quick post to Slack with the list: gloves, 30 weight oil, a roll of duct tape and a 2×4.  At 5:30, all PAX were present with gloves, along with a roll of duct tape and a 2×4.  Ha-Ha’s attention to detail is impeccable.  YHC’s instructions are inane.


5:30 arrived as did the disclaimers and a mosey over to the St Francis parking lot.  The run down the hill from the pavilion is dark without headlamps; fortunately, no PAX tripped over anything.  Circled up in the parking lot for some SSH, Hill Billies, and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

Mosey on over to the steep hill in the back of St Francis for some Dora.  The PAX partnered up for:

  • 50 Burpees
  • 100 Mercins
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 Flutter Kicks

The rule was in place that if a pair finished all the exercises then they would restart the cycle.  YCH had something planned with the number of reps for each exercise that would have been a tribute to the great Philadelphia Eagles football season but memory lapsed and good round figures were the way to go.  Let’s just say Go Birds!!!

The PAX grinded for a solid 30 minutes with some pairs getting well into their second go round and most pairs finishing or coming darn close.  About 6:05 mosey back to the flag for some Dora led by Fresh Prince, Bottom Bunk, Stu (yes he called for Gronks) and a few others.


Crikey will be the Q for IPC Thursday.  Bring a jump rope if you have one.  If not Walkie Talkie donated 8 extras for you!

Keep the following in your thoughts and prayers:

Ha-Ha’s aunt recently passed and his Uncle will have a tough time adjusting.

Chapter 11’s wife Kerry is pregnant and will need to keep a close eye on her vitals.

YHC just lost his aunt and my Uncle is in the same position as that of Ha-Ha’s.

TMI’s dad is riding the hurricane out in Florida.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Was great to be back.  Been a stressful couple of weeks.  I should have been just going to F3.  Today was another jam packed crazy day, but a piece of cake after starting it with this amazing group of guys.  So darn blessed to work out with such awesome dudes.

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