Never Gonna Give You…hey what?

AO: Widowmaker

When: 09/24/2022

QIC: Cox

PAX (15): Funyun, Ha-ha, Mater, NRA, Skip-pe, Speedo, TMI, Zohan, Homie, knight rider, FNG Spew, Wheels, Venus, Slash


prep for the Beatdown included hearing a song about cars and thinking about cars. So cars based theme songs, yep, I’m inspired…time to flush and move along. A little charge up to the disco karaoke machine and we good to go


Standard butchering of the disclaimer with visual aids to prove I am NOT a professional. (2 right hand gloves). Mosey to the upper parking lot for some SSH, windmill, a very disruptive Toy Solider. (Seriously, who else can kick themselves in the face besides @TMI – is there anything this stud cannot do? Also VERY distracting to try and count while that was going on. Humor always tends to follow me and I love it) Pause for the oncoming car and we have a setup for The Wave but alas, it was just me and @TMI and some stunned silence from the rest of the PAX. I feel warm let’s go find some elevation!

The Thang:

(PSA – when clicking on the Backblast link on your phone from your Gmail while writing (and making) a masterpiece the text will be flushed from the web page and you will be left staring at a blank backblast and your feet will be numb. then you will have to start over and when you do you will want to remind your fellow PAX that writing on the can, while invigorating and a source of inspiration, has its limitations…)

Top of the Widowmaker for a plank and then down the diminutive decline with a side of coupons for a super-duper musical beatdown.  Ready for that car song theme? Well tighten your dipstick (no offense @Dipstick) and loosen your lug nuts (now you can take offense @Dipstick) lets hit play on disco karaoke and hope its not burpees first…sorry about that 🙂  Playlist on shuffle and its the luck of the draw on which one comes up first…yep, better to just get the burpees out of the way first. See the playlist below for the non-shuffled version and associated “fun”.

what i did not plan for, nor did i expect, was that my own 2.0 @Wheels and his accomplice @Venus would dare disturb the sanctity of my perfect playlist, but what can you do when a soon to be Q wants a taste of the action? Well we got Rick Rolled by Rick Astley and his golden pipes and we had to call an audible and moved right into SSH – @Ha-Ha suggested some burpees on the chorus so naturally we obliged and gave @Wheels and @Venus the respect any Q deserves (read differently – don’t Q it if you can’t do it) and into the mix the 2.0s went for some SSH and Burpees.

@Venus via @Homie EH’d her brother FNG so we got to show off for the new recruit.

  • Barracuda – 15 Merkin & Lunge Walk
  • Cars – 20 Superman/Banana & Duck Walk
  • Life is a Highway – overhead press & run loop
  • Ice ice baby – curls & karoke loop
  • I can’t drive 55 – shoulder taps & bernie sanders loop
  • Get outta my dreams – squat & run loop
  • Mustang sally – jump squats – side hop loop
  • Born to be wild – mountain climbers & high knees loop
  • Rockin down the Highway – skull crushers & run loop
  • Radar love – 30 LBC & bear crawl
  • Low rider – Burpees & run loop

Unfortunately we did not get to Born to Be Wild so if you are reading this go ahead and stop, flush the toilet. find a nice quiet spot, and put on Born to be Wild and rip out some Mountain Climbers with no explanation to your family – I expect a report from all 15 PAX.

End of time on the jukebox so its up the hill, drop the coupons and hustle back to the flag for some COT. Your Q appreciates the help from the PAX on carrying the Disco Karaoke machine. Per @Ha-Ha’s suggestion we will be carrying a screen and a projector so we can all sing along next time.  A quick Mary to bring in the 6 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…recover!


Prayers for @NRA’s friend who has a missing child in Maine and a big thanks for a beautiful day with great people getting they day started off right and setting a good example for the 2.0s.  A sincere appreciation to @F3Nation for making me and my Jewish Brothers feel welcome wherever we go in F3. With the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah starting Monday and continuing Tuesday it was a great way to enter into the fall season and give thanks to all.  A big thank you to the one who makes it all possible. Amen and lets eat.

@Cox out!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

F3 makes us better just by showing up and being in the presence of others who make us laugh and lift us up when we need it.  I is an honor to lead and a pleasure to share the gloom with you all.

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