Flop Returns, Part Aye Aye Aye

AO: Rubicon

When: 09/22/2022

QIC: False Start

PAX (18): Cookie, Devito, Dipstick, False Start, FannyPack, Groundhog, Krueger, Lil Hurt, lumbergh, MillerTime, Milli Vanilli, Morphine, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Trebek, Walkie Talkie, White Claw, Avis


Another year around the F3 sun, another return of Flop. This was my old F3 name for 48 hours before I got renamed.  We resurrected the Windjammer Clown Car and packed 5 PAX in Cookie’s Jeep…er…I mean Bronco.


Mosey over to the flag pole with some but-kickers, high knees, and carioca left & right along the way.

  • SSH
  • Hillbilly
  • Mountain Man Poopers (only a few, and some PAX were just getting the hang of things when I called it off) [btw, these work, had 1 PAX make a mid-BD pitstop b/c of how they freed up his bowels]
  • Weedpicker
  • Arm Circles (forward & backward)
  • Covids

Mosey to the track.

The Thang:

The Thang #1

Complete each exercise below with a run around the track in between for a F.L.O.P. mile.

  • Flutters x25 (alpha count)
  • Lunges x50 (single count)
  • Overhead Claps x75
  • Plank Jacks x100

Once done we moseyed over to the rock pile for a ‘lifting & traveling coupon’ and down to the Field of Dreams.

The Thang #2

My first BD was Week 4 of IPC 2019, so I continue my yearly variation on that.  It must have been good, b/c half-way through NSU (not Nova-Scotia University for those asking) wanted to know if I did this yearly.  Of course I said yes, so he said he had plans around this time next year and wouldn’t be able to make it 🙂

  1. 100 cumulative reps of Merkins or Squats (w/ coupon)
  2. Rifle carry your coupon out to the centerfield fence and back
  3. 100 cumulative reps of Curls or Coupon Swings
  4. Rifle carry your coupon out to the centerfield fence and back
  5. 100 cumulative reps of Rows or Lunges
  6. Rifle carry your coupon out to the centerfield fence and back

Returned our coupons and then some Mary at the flag:

  • LBCs
  • Gas Pumpers

And that’s time!



  • NLB BD & Breakfast this Saturday
  • Need volunteers for Santa Ruck planning & coordination

Prayers for the Lumbergh’s (M’s difficult career transition & his own career discussions)


TNT Lead by No-see-um and his pickles.  There are big pickles and little pickles; we’ll just leave it at that.  But great message, jokes aside.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Wow, another year down, but hopefully many more to come.  It definitely doesn’t get easier, but you do get stronger.  This group of men really help, and I really appreciate the push and support I get day in and day out. During coffeteria someone asked me what I did before F3, and my answer was ‘sleep in.’  Now that seems like a silly thing.  I barely remember what life was like without these men & F3, but I also don’t know what it would be like without it now.  The pickle story really does make sense, you can’t go back…and that’s a good thing.

Until next time!

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