A mound of fun with Banthas and a SIREN

AO: Starting Line

When: 09/21/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (8): Ace Ventura, Dunshire, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez, Toadstool , Rita(DR)


With chatter on the F3Nation DownRange  page that there would be a PAX from South Sound/Seattle region (It was great to meet Rita ITG this morning), I know that a special BD would need to be formulated, so I had to give them a taste of the Alpha region and something specific to Dawsonville.
The day before the BD I finalized the plan with Hushpuppy’s Bantha’s in the mix and the S.I.R.E.N. acronym to give them a taste of Alpha region and Dawsonville, plan set.

Ace showed up to join in the pre-ruck so we got a bit of rucking in and got back to the AO  in time to see what was a great turn out with Rita, Suarez, Janeway, and Toadstool there already and SirMixalot and Dunshire showing up right on time get the party started, and have to give shout outs to Suarez, SirMixalot, and Janeway for bring the cinder blocks that will be needed during the BD and for Dunshire for bringing the Java, Awesomeville!!

It was then time for the BD to begin


Moseyed to the spot and did the warm up – Disclaimer given
Weed Pickers
Copperhead Squats

Time for the fun to begin

The Thang:

Headed to the mound and let the music begin to flow and it was time to explain Thang1

1 Bantha(1 BBSU, 4 Crunchy frogs)
At the top of the mound a 3 burpee challenge toll was paid,
10 Squat Thrusters with Cinder Block
When they get to the top of the Mound another 3 Burpees
Continued to increase the Bantha count and decreased the Squat Thruster count, the burpee toll paid each time till 11s where done

*** As a public service announcement to Hushpuppy, the creator of the Bantha, you may want to reconsider any near future visits to Starting Line since some reference to the creator of the Bantha were not very friendly, to say the least, lol****

Great job to the PAX for getting this done, I really wanted to push everyone and this one seemed to work nicely

After the Bantha/Squat Thruster 11s with Burpee toll it was time to give Rita a taste of Dawson with the S.I.R.E.N. acronym
It was created in honor of the siren that sounds any time any member of the Elliot family wins race, so here is the run down, of the exercises, we usually do 3 rounds but time only allowed us one round
S- 20 SSHs
I – 20 Imperial walkers (alpha count)
R – 10 Raven merkins(1Wide, 1 Diamond, 1 Ranger merkin)
E – 20 E2K – Elbows 2 knees (10 each side)
N – 30 Nolan Ryans (15 on each side)
Took a mosey around the long loop and that ended the BD


Count/Nameorama done – Great to have Rita ITG and thanks for visiting the AO, also great to have Toadstool with us and well done to everyone.

NLB BD this weekend
The starting Line AO will be closed, this Saturday due to travel and NLB

Prayer Request
Suarez’s family/continued healing for cancer diagnoses
Janeway for unity in family issues

Acceleration Point
Conformity is the purest form of Cowardice – Ed Mylett quote

Ended in Ball of men/pray

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We got a pic then I had to head out to get the 2.0s to school, since the M was not feeling well
Have to say this was a fun/challenging BD made better by all the HIM that were there to push each other and find we are far more capable then we think basically at the end of what we think we can do, there is more in us, if we keep pushing past our points of comfort.

I am thankful that with F3 we are freed to lead and can encourage each other to get better

Iron sharpens Iron!

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