Two Q’s at the same time man.

AO: Starting Line

When: 09/17/2022

QIC: Sirmixalot

PAX (5): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez, Toadstool


YHC took the Q as a substi-Q for Ace Ventura who somehow double booked himself with two Qs at the same time.


Warm up and disclaimer en route.

The Thang:

Rucked to the end of Perimeter road and back. About 3.5 miles. Discussed the G3L for most of the way and talked about things I learned from Grow Ruck.


Prayers. Acceleration Point from Grow Ruck



Naked-Man Moleskin:

I let a few days get away from me and this is my recollection of events as much as I recall.

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