The circle of life

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/19/2022

QIC: Catheter

PAX (13): Bear, Blue, Catheter, Cutie, Donor, Echo, Foley, Matt Shields-Norm, Meltdown, Raider, Switch, Whiff, Yankee


YCH was looking to find an untapped area of the park this AM – turned out to be a bit of a run, but worth the stroll for new surroundings.  The strava map turned out to be….interesting.


Mosey to the playground for role call.  Pull-ups by 5 (2 at a time) while others on merkins.  Then mosey to the baseball fields parking lot for:

SSH x 10

Weed picker x 10

Abe vigoda x 10

Michael phelps OYO

The Thang:

6 stations with a short mosey in between.  PAX had a goal of 4 full rounds and moved at their own pace.  90’s alternative jams in the background.

Station 1: decline merkins x 10

Station 2: burpees x 10

Station 3: big boys x 10

Station 4: box jumps x 10

Station 5: sundial – 4 full loops, 2 each direction

Station 6: single leg Romanian dead lift

Mosey back to the flag for 30second Mary, time.


Prayers for Donor’s friends family going through a Hospice situation

Prayers for Doogie’s wife on surgery recovery

Prayers for Legos stuck in Puerto Rico from the hurricane

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and great start to the week!

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