Wasn’t Me Officer

AO: Nirvana

When: 09/17/2022

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (8): Isner, lumbergh, No-See-Um, Special K, turkey, Walkie Talkie, Tank


After being inspired the F3 leadership from GrowRuck, YHC decided to lead the BD and introduce some new and untested exercises buried deep in the exicon to the PAX.  Weather couldn’t be more perfect, and 8 total PAX showed up on a football Saturday to get their game on.  BD was planned and upon arriving at the AO was once again denied entry to the planned turf field and stadium steps.  Note to all PAX…whenever YHC has the BD, it’s pretty much guaranteed the stadium will be locked and the BD won’t include stadium steps.  SMH.

Disclaimer given.  Let’s GO!


Sun Gods OYO

Hillbillies -11 (11s were done in honor of Clemson DL #11, who lost his younger sister to brain cancer this week)


Weed Pickers x 11

Copperhead Squats x11

Copperhead Merkens – around the circle, 1 PAX does CM and others plank…up to 10

Mosey to the MS field

Captain Thor  – 1BBSU/4 Hammers…up to 10/40

The Thang:

Get introduced to Welsh Dragons??

PAX Line up on end line and plank walk 5 yards, do 1 Merken, 1 Plank Jack, 1 Shoulder Tap (each shoulder). Plank walk 5 yards and do 2 Merkens, 2 PJs, 2 ST…continuing to 50 yards (10 reps each). Who’s bright idea was it to do these right after a Captain Thor????

Now that we’re all a little wet and dirty, let’s mosey to the playground for a little Morning Call

2 PAX do 5 pull-ups, while other PAX Plank and do 5 Merkens. (REPEAT)

Mosey back to the field and do a little Care Bear Squared.  (YHC did not participate in Ironpax Challenge and mistakenly thought this was from years prior…not last week?!)

4 Corners (Hashmarks and 25 yards) Bear crawl to the front to first cone (25 squats) Left Bear crawl to the 2nd cone (25 Merkens) Crawl Bear (Backwards) to cone 3 (25 BBSUs) Right Crawl Bear (25 Burpees) – YHC Modified to 10 Burpees/15 WW1

Rinse with Bernie Sanders around the track to work those quads.

Mosey to the back of HS hill…and as luck would have it, there is another set of pull-up bars along the way.  Morning Call Again!  Love pullups.

Mosey to the hill for 11’s…modified to 7’s for timing.

Foxholes at the bottom (WW1 – roll over to Merken) Run to top of hill and do No Surrenders

As luck would have it, our finest local men in blue roll by the hill while PAX have assumed the No Surrender position with hands behind our head on our knees….Um, permission given to remove hands from head to not look any guiltier than we probably are!

Mosey back to flag with a 50 yard sprint mixed in.  TIME!



Prayers for our community, the brotherhood, Alpha PAX being affected by cancer and for Lumbergh and his M facing big milestones this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor and a privilege to lead these great men.  Let’s go do some F2 at the SBUX for coffeeteria.  Woody, OUT.

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