Rucking Around

AO: The Storm

When: 09/17/2022

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (10): Ace Ventura, Baskins, Inseam, Olaf, Snowman, Swiper, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Valley Girl, Bagel, Jiminy


Pre-run was divided into two groups.  YHC had not had a good run since a bout with COVID a month ago, and was glad to get some push from Snowman on not quitting.  This is the beauty of F3 in my life.



The Thang:

We rucked at a solid pace for one full hour, while the run group did their thing.

PAX had a lot of good discussions on personal topics, and there was a lot of fellowship.


There were a few prayers for those struggling in our lives/community.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We made the trip to Starbucks to have coffee.  We ended up staying for over an hour enjoying the company.  Good times.

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