The Music Was Critical For The Supersets

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/14/2022

QIC: Bear

PAX (9): aflac, Backside, Bear, Moonshine, rip, Shrink, Sic’em, Tubbs, Vanilla


I was excited to Q again and finally remembered music. I love some good music to set the tone / mood for the beatdown!


Mosey to the playground and do some plank exercises, phelps arm swings, and arm circles. Grab a coupon and bring it back to the circle.

The Thang:

Super sets…

5 sets of….10 pullups / 10-20 Merkins / 30 double count dying cockroaches

Mosey up the stairs, around the gymnastics building and back to the playground.

5 sets of….10-20 bent over rows, 10-20 curls, 10-20 romanian deadlifts.

Mosey same route around the gymnastics building.

3 sets of….10-20 shoulder press, 20 double count J-Los

Coupon back and back to the flag. Right on time!


Be thinking about and praying for Doogie’s wife, Hailey. She was in a car accident Sunday and has to have surgery on Friday. It will be a long road to recovery!

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