Grindstone Gloom

AO: Grindstone

When: 09/12/2022

QIC: 5-Way

PAX (6): jugdish, Olaf, Snowman, Spit Valve, corndog


4 PAX got after this morning at Grindstone with a pre-run including 2 beastly PAX (Spit Valve and Jugdish) who just got done representing at BRR!  Well done fellas and to all who represented at BRR!


Mosey near playground

Side straddle hop
Toy Soldiers
Willie Mayes-Hayes
Good Mornings
Sun Gods


The Thang:

Mosey to playground
-Round of 11s with pull-ups on the monkey bars (for CrabCake) and dips on the benches

Mosey to football field
-1st and 10s starting at 10 yard line 1o Merkins and 1 burpee
-sprint to goal line and jog back to 20 yard line
-12 big boy situp penalty paid at 50 yard line on way back
-completed 11s while decreasing return yard line by 10 yards each time

Mosey to coupon pile
-Paired up each team selected coupon
-1 PAX performs exercise while other PAX planks then switch
-excersizes:  10/20/30 shoulder press/squats/curls

Marry back the flag
-Snowman American Hammers
-Olaf box cutters


Olaf shared story of how he got his name.  Praise went up for BRR participant safety and completion of event.  Prayers for Jugdish work wisdom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

TNT: YHC talked about a discussion with 11 year old son who was mad at someone that each time we get mad at someone and don’t forgive we put a rock in our backpack.  The backpack doesn’t come off so each time we hold onto to grudges or bitterness it is just another rock in our backpack.  As the rocks build up in the back pack, it gets harder and harder to perform at the level we want to in life.  We need a sledge hammer to break the rocks.  Our sledge hammer isn’t big enough.  Jesus’ sledge hammer is big enough.  We have a choice to ask for help wielding that sledge hammer or weight our backpacks down with another rock.

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