Don’t hate the playa, hate the game

AO: Rubicon

When: 09/08/2022

QIC: Turbine

PAX (8): Cookie, FannyPack, Groundhog, MillerTime, Morphine, No-See-Um, Trebek, Other, Avis


Mozy’d from the parking lot toward the dog park doing everyone’s favorite warmup, escalating Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin burpees. Pax performed at each lamp post and add one to their rep count for each set.

The Thang:

Beatdown in a Box – Borrowed from a beatdown YHC attended on Seabrook Island, this is a super simple format that just gets tougher as you go.

  • Run station to station on the path that looks around all of the ball fields
  • Station 1 – Circle by the dog park – 1 x 180 Burpee
  • Station 2 – Playground – 5 x Pull-ups
  • Station 3 – Behind south ball fields – 10 X Hand Release Merkins
  • Station 4 – Flag pole – Bear Crawl
  • Station 5 – Behind north ball fields – 20 x Core (Pax’s choice; cannot repeat)
  • Add one to the rep count on each lap


Prayers for:

  • BRR men
  • Grow Ruck men
  • Groundhog’s father in law and his upcoming back surgery

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