Shoulder Mania

AO: Galaxy

When: 09/02/2022

QIC: Wideright

PAX (6): Abacus (Mark Green), Angus, Skol, Sparky, Steamer, Wideright


disclaimer and warm up IC 10x:
SSH/s, bear hugs, Hillbillies, weedpickers, a vagodas and stretches…
mosey to upper lot by way of road and path.

The Thang:

Shoulder Mania-PAir up and each grab a coupon (Limu and Lifting)
rd1 = 100 cumulative shoulder press for Pax 1 Bernie sanders down bobby hurley and back swap
rd2 = 200 Eye Balls Pax1 murder bunnies down and bunnie murders back swap
rd3 = 300 chest press Pax 1 bear crawls down and crawl bears back swap
rd4 = 200 bent over rows Pax 1 lung walk down and bunny hop back
rd5 = 100 shoulder taps Pax 1 cusak down and back
bonus round AMRAP cumulative curls Pax 1 Gorilla Crawls down and back (thanks Angus) swap
return all coupons and mosey to flag for 2 stretches and then time!


joanne and Doug
Kiara (Skol’s Dog) a long life lived and for the best parents ever Skol and Mrs. Meng!
conviction on hearts for a relationship with Jesus Christ!
Angus – downrange, bringing the Gorilla Crawls, WHEW! safe travels brother back to F3 Rogue (Tallahassee)
SYITG Monday @halo is at 630

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