Half a COE sammich

AO: Badapple

When: 08/31/2022

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (7): goat, Motorboat, Shortcircuit, The_OG Zima, Other, Santa Claus


Pinch hitter Q and running low on creative energy meant QIC needed ideas for a BW (body weight) WO. Week 0 of IPC looked challenging enough. So, that decided it. Set some ‘80’s rock on a PL, then, it was time to grab some gloves and get started.


Overhead arm circles, Sun gods, hill billys, windmills, calf stretches, michael phelps, copperhead Merkins, copperhead squats. All IC except for sun gods, oh arm circles. Rep count of 15.

The Thang:

IPC Week 0 WO is as follows:
In honor of US Army SGT Coe and Officer Brenton of the Seattle PD.
Coe– 5 rounds:
20 thrusters
20 merkins

Brenton – 3 rounds:
100 foot bearcrawl out
100 foot burpee broad jump back
Perform 3 burpees and then 5 broad jumps

Coe – 5 rounds:
20 thrusters
20 merkins

QIC served up his take to the PAX. It consisted of:
5 Rounds
(20) Merkins with a variation for every set, PAX’s choice of standard, diamond, wide, decline, offset, stn mtns.
(20) air squats
High plank for the 6

3 Rounds
(3) pull-ups (or chin-ups or Commando-ups)
Lunge walk 40 yds to ab station
Pick up the 6 by lunge walking with him on last round.

5 rounds
(20) Merkins
(20) air squats

PAX completed 1/5 rounds before it was time to head back to the flag.

2 minutes were taken for some Mary.


QIC asked PAX to share some positive moments from their week thus far and were challenged to be encouragers among their families , neighbors and coworkers. Prayers said for those battling illness and for anything too private to share aloud.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Be an encourager! Offer some words of encouragement, or, just practice good listening for someone who needs to vent. Sprocket out.

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