Big Creek Share in the Pain

AO: Big Creek

When: 08/31/2022

QIC: 5-Way

PAX (12): Baskins, Benny, Crab Cake, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Dumpster, jugdish, Napalm, Star Child, Swiper, corn dog, package


4 or 5 PAX got after it in pre-run activities. 12 PAX descended on Big Creek this morning to get over the mid-week hump for the BD. Whiz made a guest appearance at the Warm-o-Rama in his quest to hit a ridiculous amount of miles running in the month of August. To the delight of some PAX and the dismay of others, the PAX were encouraged to participate in the level of pain delivered to the group.


Mosey to the Northwest corner of the park near the Skate Park. Warm up with side straddle hop, imperial walkers, willie mayes-hayes, weed pickers and morrocan night clubs. Lots of good mumble chatter throughout the PAX.

The Thang:

Mosey to the skate park only to realize lights would have been helpful. PAX made due with phone lighting up the main pit. PAX performed 11s starting with 10 Merkins up top and 1 squat at bottom of a pit. PAX were encouraged to call out Leeroy Jenkins and each time the PAX would stop and perform 5 burpees. Swiper kicked off the extra pain after a couple rounds and the fun began.

Having conquered the skate park, the PAX moseyed to the basketball courts for another round of 11s 10 big boy situps at one end of a basketball court and 1 flutter kick at the other end. PAX were encouraged to call out additional Leeroy Jenkins and this time a lap around all basketball courts followed by 5 burpees was performed by all PAX at each disruption.

The final even was a bit rushed but the PAX got it done and performed a vicious circle around the track in single file formation with the last PAX in line doing 5 burpees. PAX would head to front of the line after Burpees and call out a new mode of transportation. I believe it was Napalm that even through the inch worm at the group.

The PAX worked together inflicting the perfect amount of additional pain throughout and finished back at the imaginary flag at 06:15 on the dot.


Count – 12
Announcements: Monday at Grindstone – 06:00 AM pre-run, 07:00 BD followed by visit to nearby bagel shop
Star Child mentioned 9-12 graders in small group are playing soccer at 9 AM at Sharon Springs park. Additional teenagers welcome to come out.
Prayer requests: DeJavu’s wife, Benny’s Dad, Star Child mentioned a young man whose mother may have passed, multiple requests for job situations
Pledge of Allegiance to the imaginary flag
TNT – Baskins brought the wisdom encouraging us to never get frustrated and to think about what is causing you to be frustrated in any given situation, let it go and be present with family, friends… Followed up by Deuce on letting work go so that we can be more present with our families who matter far more than work.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Well done fellas! It was a pleasure moving the needle with you all!

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