The DoPuLLGaS Circuit

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/30/2022

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (6): FannyPack, Krueger, PitStop, Trebek, Wilson (Scott Christopher)


I urged pax to hit up Iron Pax over at Academy but we will keep the lights on at Rubicon for those that are generally cinder averse. I preran through Academy and happy to see so many pax ready to take on the challenge.


Mosey over near the courts for SSH, WPs, HBs, and circles. Just wrapping up when Pitstop found us. It’s good to know when you snooze your IPC alarm Rubicon is still here waiting.

The Thang:

I had a few exercises we were unable to do at last Thursdays Q. So I made sure to include those today.
We mosey down to the playground so I can walk through the first round, and then release the others to repeat.

10 Donkey Kicks on the wall
5 Pull Ups
mosey across the bridge for 20 LBCs
Lunge walk across the small lot and mosey back up by the community center
Gas Pumpers
Down the stairs and over to the swings for 10 Swircans
Back to the wall for the repeat.

Someone asked what I was spelling. I guess I have a typical go to but and I do love mnemonics. If you don’t then you better please excuse my dear aunt sally. But today I didn’t plan it that way but dopullgas works for me. Just wanted to get a full body workout on the move. And move we did with about 2 miles during those 7 or so loops.


Glad to see Wilson back out from injury and a round of family sickness.
And Pitstop who remains quite active socially and glad he can still make Tuesdays with us.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

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