Half Birthday Burpees

AO: Windjammer

When: 08/26/2022

QIC: mike c (Brutus )

PAX (7): Caroline, Cookie, False Start, Funyun, Milli Vanilli, Walkie Talkie


I was on Injured List for my actual 50th b-day earlier this year, so I decided to celebrate my haf birthday.  As we learned last week, the Windjammer crowd is very anti-half birthday so I decided to make them pay for that attitude with Burpees.  Also we found out the evening before that @Townie was on Daddy Duty, but we were determined not to leave him out of the celebration.


Basic Lake Flagpole Warm-o-Rama:





-Arm Rolls

-Neck Rolls


The Thang:

Our celebration led us to a few different stops:

1.)Stop 1 can not be named to protect the innocent monkeys.   Coincidentally at around the same time Townies Dog went crazy barking.  Theories on the barking are centered on muffler man and floating ducks.

2.)Stop 2: Boat Launch Burpee Party

-Circle Burp and 4 corner Combo Party

*Start each 4 Forner with a 7 PAX Circle Burp

*4 Corner 1: Abs..10 each Big Boy, LBC, Box Cutters, Dolly

*4 Corner 2: Chest..10 each..Merkin, Werkins, Derkins, Shoulder Taps

*4 Corner 3: Legs: 10 each…Squats, Jump Squats, Lunges, Bonnie Blairs

*4 Corner 4: Cardio: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Bear Crawl, Crab Crawl

Ended the last Circle Burp with YHC calling out #50

3.)Stop 3: Sports Park

-50 second Balls to Wall

-50 Dips

-50 Step Ups

-2 50 yard Sprints

Mosyed back to Flag for 2 min of Abs


-There are many homeless and near-homeless people right here in the Alpharetta area. Please pray for them and help if you can.

-F3Alpha is working to do more service projects to help people in need.  Think of ideas.

-Thanks as always to Cookie for the coffee

-Great impromptu TNT from False Start: Take time to think about what is important vs. urgent and prioritize the important!!!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was very dissappointing that a back injury kept me from doing a Q on my actual 5oth b-day but I am quite thankful that I am back to health now and it was ahonor to lead the Beatdown!   Between turning 50 and the recent injuries I have had and illnesss and death of friends my age, I am certainly learning to be more and more appreciative of everything I have and the fact that I can still get out do F3.

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