T’was the Gloom Before Football, and all through the Bridge…..

AO: The Bridge

When: 08/26/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (9): Birdie, Boomer, Homer (Andy Darnell), Maguire, McCracken, Meatball, Popper, Tater Tot


With an experienced crew this morning, it was clear that an extended disclosure was not needed. What WAS needed was a way to get everyone prepared for the start of college football, whether through sweat or sound. And that’s exactly what YHC had in mind. No, it’s not quite September, and the air is not crisp just yet, but it’s here…and we CANNOT allow the tailgates, brats, and suds to de-celerate our fitness journeys….


SSH x 10

Weedpickers x 12

Willie May Hays x 14

Moroccan Night Clubs x 10

Mosey through the towne centre green, around the back of the movie theatre, to the back parking lot

The Thang:

11’s, 11’s, and more 11’s – Great quarterback number, great number for a beatdown…..

Part 1: Lined up along the curb by the theatre. Conducted 11’s with hand release Mercans and Bobby Hurley’s. Mode of travel across to the other curb was Colonel Sanders (lunge/duck walk while doing air presses), mode of travel back was bear crawls (Hey, needed to get some sort of “grass drills” in)

Part 2: Mosey to the ramp. Conducted more 11’s, with Carolina Drydocks at the bottom of the ramp, Bernie Sanders 1/3 up the ramp, stop for Monkey Humpers, then return down with walking lunges.

Part 3: Mosey back to the flag. More 11’s with a twist, conducting step ups and dips, with alpha count Imperial Walkers after each super set, starting with 11 and working down by 1 after each superset

Finishing with a little Mary, with Gas Pumpers, Box Cutters, Big Boys, Dollies, Flutter Kicks


Announcement: Don’t forget Darth Visor CSAUP is Saturday the 27th, 6:45 at Fowler Park

Prayers for: Healing for Feather’s Dad and Dinghy’s friend, Brian. Praises and prayers for Popper’s family for their first foray into fantasy football……

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to the team for humoring YHC’s passion for college football. Again, although there is still a bit of humidity in the air, we’ll soon have some briskness in the mornings, making this the perfect time to accelerate our fitness while we enjoy what is the most wonderful season of the year…..HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON, ONE AND ALL!

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