Running up that Hill

AO: Norseman

When: 08/25/2022


PAX (16): Bottom Bunk, Callahan, Cam's, DeLorean, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Huffy, Pepper, Pothole, Shortcake, Stu, TinyDancer, TMI, TO, Last Call, Sugar


A warm humid morning was neutralized by a soft steady rain as the pax gathered at the Norseman this morning.  0530 arrived, the disclaimers made and the pax moseyed over to Saint Francis parking lot.  There appeared to be one late arrival but upon knocking on his window it was a mere teenager just there to park and perhaps meditate for a bit…


It was the usual warm-o-rama.  SSH, Hill Billies, and Weed Pickers.  Throw in a Circle Burp for a bonus 16 burpees.  Callahan kindly critiqued my Hill Billies, which apparently are not on point and need some help. Mumblechatter is always appreciated.

Given the huge growth the AO has seen in the last six months we used this opportunity to pair up with another pax and learn something most of the rest of us don’t know that we could share at Name-a-Rama.

The Thang:

The pax moseyed to the back of the campus and gathered at the bottom of the big hill.  Keeping in the the spirit of 11s, we did 33s or Triple 11s.  Sets of Burpees, Mercans and Shoulder Taps at the top and at the bottom it was Flutter Kicks, American Hammer and J-Los.  We spread out by splitting into two groups and went at it.  Flutter kicks in puddles kept us extra cool.  Expressions of love were directed to YHC as the pax were running up that hill.  0610 arrived and we moseyed back to the flag.


Much was learned about each other this am.  Callahan loves Corkey’s bbq (where is this please?), Tiny Dancer was a college scholarship soccer player, Last Call was baptized in 2014, Pepper was a star actor in credit union commercials, Fresh Prince lost a 1/3 of his body weight running, Huffy ate the largest steak every at Shoneys, TMI is a professional pianist (don’t say that too fast), DeLorean survived a terrible fall from a cliff, Stu has put 4 boys through college, Pothole has a graduate from St Francis and another currently enrolled, Bottom Bunk is a fan of the Braves since the 70s and just climbed Mount Killimanjaro, Cam’s just sliced off a large portion of his thumb, Sugar flew over the University of Texas, Shortcake bare body rafted in West Virginia, TO is an aspiring blues harmonica player and Ha Ha was not only a 200lbs Defensive Tackle and two time state champion quartet singer.

Upcoming events Saturday:  CSAUP at Fowler part 6:45am in rememberance of Darth Visor.  5:30pm Pig Roast at Callahan’s with an opportunity to EH some new pax.

Always an honor and privilege to work out with this wonderful group.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Did anyone get the running up that hill reference?  No fans of Stranger Things?

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