Mock Drafts

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/25/2022

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (18): Caffey, Cookie, DIY, False Start, Focker, Hasselhoff, Hollywood, Irene, McAfee, Motorboat, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Special K, Speedo, Trebek, Avis, Squid


Teased a mock draft to prep for fantasy season.

I also thought we needed Preruns back at Rubicon. Several jumped in on that.

Four for Prerun and one for preruck….wait, hold on, No-see-um skips the pack! By Gawd-He is running too!

A flyby reveals our first of many guests this morning with Hasselhoff DR from Texas jumping in on the run with us.


What a crowd pouring in. DIY’s homecoming, McAfee drops in, Motorboat escaped the Bad Apple bubble. Speedo couldn’t resist the premise. Awesome change up in crew today.

A jaunt around the parking lot plus some SSH, IW, WP, and arm circles

The Thang:

I had to audible from the original locale that was to be over near the playground. The rain would not have been kind to my draft slips. Rewrote a couple slips and started at the pavilion instead. Sadly, it means no Swerkins today.

I started with three captains. Each would select another Pax. That pax would grab a paper slip which had their exercise. This formed teams of six and the team was responsible for doing all exercises drafted to their team. Here is the full list (with some annotations)

  • 5 joe BURrowPEES (Just the start of my attempt at mixing in player names)
  • ALEC INGOLD (MIA) 20 BURPEES (Ingold is the lowest rated draft player on fantasypros, therefore the worst pick)
  • 10 BURPEES
  • JONATHAN TAYLOR (IND) – [RUN THE LOOP] (Top draft pick RB choice)
  • DERRICK HENRY (TEN) – RUN SUICIDE SPRINTS (He plays for Tennesee, don’t run ten sprints)
  • 25 LBCs
  • 20 AMERICAN FRED WILLIAMSONS (A) (aka “The Hammer”)
  • 20 SIDELINE BIKES (A) (Freddy Mercury but for football)
  • 10 E2eKiel elliots (A) (okay, that was a bit of a stretch for E2K)
  • 25 SQUATS
  • 10 LUNGES (A)
  • 10 MORTEN ANDERSONS (A) (Toy soliders or just swing your legs, it worked out)
  • 25 PLANK Lamar JACKSons (c’mon lumbergh….)
  • 20 MERCANS
  • 30 SEC BTTW
  • 10 PULL cooper kUPS (Modified to Step Ups)
  • 25 CURLS (Modified to Dips)
  • 20 LOMBARDI PRESSES (Air Presses)
  • 15 MIKE TYSONS (THE GREEN BAY DB ONE) (There is a NFL player with this name, just giving him credit)
  • 20 SAQUONS (CALF RAISES) (Google NFL+Calves)
  • 1 TOM BRADY (FREE PASS) (Some team got this one and had one less exercise to do)
  • 25 “I’M OPEN!”S (SSH)
  • TOO SLOW! AUTO DRAFT (DO LAST PICK 2X) (Meant to mean repeat some other exercise your team got. Not sure it ever showed up or was ignored)
  • 25 FUMBLE RECOVERY (BENT OVER ROWS)  (edit: Sumo Squats)

Rinse and Repeat but captains would pick another captain on their team and they would redraft from everyone. All this was done to the Madden ’03 soundtrack.

YHC lucked into 20 burpees three times! I am going to lose that paper for next time. We fit in four or five rounds and headed back to the flag for some Diamond Mercans to wrap it up.


CSAUP this weekend. You gotta go!

Shout outs to the faces we have missed and those venturing out to Rubicon the first time. What a great group!

Prayers for Cooper as he goes through treatment for lymphoma.

Speedo with a TNT on the value of balance and promoting good habits with family and health.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

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