Elvis and Olivia

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/23/2022

QIC: Trebek

PAX (14): False Start, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Irene, Isner, Krueger, Lil Hurt, McAfee, Pinkey, PitStop, Special K, TopHat, Trebek


Tribute Beatdown: Elvis Presley‘s 45th anniversary of his “supposed” death was August 16. Olivia-Newton John died August 8, 2022. Music for today’s beatdown found here (for a while anyway).



Mosey around the parking lot, with Carioca mixed in.

SSH: 18 of ’em… Elvis had 18 #1 songs.


Copperhead Squats

Plank… We went around the horn and everyone threw out one guess for one of Elvis’s FIRST five #1 songs. As group, we got 4/5. The missing one cost us a five Merkin penalty.  The answer:

  1. Heartbreak Hotel (January 56)
  2. Hound Dog (July 56)
  3. Don’t Be Cruel (July 56) **didn’t get this one
  4. Love Me Tender (September 56)
  5. All Shook Up (May 57)

Mosey to the Hill of Dreams

Air Chair… We went around the horn and everyone threw out one guess for one of ONJ’s top hits. As a group, we got 4/5. The missing one cost us a five squat penalty.  The answer:

  1. Let’s Get Physical
  2. Summer Nights
  3. You’re the One That I Want
  4. Xanadu
  5. Magic

On to The Thang


The Thang:

Started with 11s on the Hill of Dreams. In honor of the song “Hound Dog” … Pickle Pounders. In honor of ONJ’s influence on the Jazzercise movement, Imperial Walkers. 10 PPs, run up the hill, 1 alpha IW, run down the hill. 9PPs, 2 IW; 8PPs, 3 IW, etc., until 1PP, 10 IW.

Moseyed to pool rockpile to grab a coupon.

Two groups: Team Elvis and Team Olivia. Each team got a trivia question with an exercise associated with each… Get it right, 15 reps for everyone. Wrong: 25 reps for everyone. Do both exercises then run a half lap around parking lot. Here’s my best recollection … I’m foggy on the order/results.

Curls: Where was Elvis born? Tupelo (right…15 reps)
Squats: What was OJN’s character name in Grease? Sandy (right..15 reps)

HR Merkins: What’s the name of Elvis’s home in Memphis? Graceland (right…15 reps)
Monkey Humpers: OJN had dual citizenship in what to countries? UK and AUS (wrong…25 reps)

Overhead Press: There is an airplane at Graceland named what? The Lisa Marie  (wrong…25 reps)
LBC: Who played the character Teen Angel in the movie Grease? Frankie Avalon (right..15 reps)

Carolina DD: What was Elvis’s middle name? Aaron (wrong…25 reps)
What was ONJ’s religion? Christian (right..1 trip instead of 2)

Wide Merkins: What was the official cause of Elvis’s death? Heart Failure (right…15 reps)
Boxcutters: What movie did ONJ star in with John Travolta…aside from Grease? Two of a Kind (wrong…even though @Special K knew it; 25 reps)

Burpees: Elvis was an avid football fan of two NFL teams. Name one. Steelers, Browns (wrong…25 reps)
Skull Crushers: What was the name of the high school in Grease? Rydell (right..15 reps)

Back to the flag.





  • Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP @ Fowler Park this Saturday
  • IronPax coming up at Academy on Tuesdays in September. FYI, Rubicon will remain open for regular beatdown for those not doing IronPax.


  • TopHat has a relative (daughter-in-law’s grandmother) going through difficult health battle.
  • McAfee’s 10-year-old cousin has a recent diagnosis of lymphoma in the spine. Treatment immanent, severity TBD.

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