Honoring The OG Zima

AO: Badapple

When: 08/17/2022

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (13): Chalupa, gmonkey, goat, Goose, Motorboat, SmackDown, Sprocket, TheBurn, Turbine, Kardashian (FNG), Santa Clause, Cheez Wiz, Short Circuit


Starting the day strong with an 0500 pre-ruck with Sprocket. 



Weed Pickers

Toy Soldiers

Flamingos (standing quad stretch)

Copperhead Squats

Sun Gods

Michael Phelps

Calf/Achilles Stretch on Curb

Calf Stretch on Vehicles

The Thang:

We were honoring our fellow PAX Zima by getting positioned at the bottom of “Zima’s Hill” when Turbine came up with an excellent suggestion – we should workout in Zima’s yard – great idea since his neighborhood is across the street from BA (that can have its advantages and disadvantages).

Quick audible and off we went for a little Mosey to Zima’s house. 

Flutter Kicks for the Six when we got there. 


Circle up for Monkey Humpers (x25) in the front yard – Pax were encouraged to look into each other’s eyes.

Partner up for Leg Throwdowns  – Partner 1 lies on back, Partner 2 stands with feet behind P1’s shoulders, P1 grabs the legs of P2 and swings their legs up from the ground while P2 pushes them back down from the top. 

  • 4 Rounds, different Pax were designated to lead the count on each round for an – this was done in the F3 style of leading reps where voice inflection would determine the final rep. Counts were in the 20’s.

Mike Tyson’s – preferably using portions of Zima’s truck conveniently parked in the beatdown area. Bumpers and step bars were particularly helpful. 1 set of 10.

Lunge walk circle around culdesac with (3) Bonnie Blairs (alpha count) at each mailbox. Halfway through we switched to (5) Merkins at each mailbox and reverse lunges. Said hello to Zima’s neighbor walking the dog.

Then it was time to head back to Zima’s Hill at BA for the remainder of the Beatdown. Sprocket led the Merkin mile while YHC ran with the 6. Pax did 10 Merkins at various points on the way back and held various plank positions for the 6 at each interval. Good way to keep the group together and inspired by a Dosido Q at Nirvana that YHC wishes he hadn’t attended. 

Once back at Zima’s Hill:

The Ol’ Light Bucket was placed halfway up the hill, Pax lined up across the bottom, backpedaled to the light bucket, then partnered up for Leg Throwdowns x 20 (increased difficulty with legs facing downhill), flapjack, then sprint the remainder of the hill. 

Next round, go back to the bottom, back pedal to the Light Bucket, then partners had to complete 100 Leg Throwdowns and 100 Merkins. They could split it up however they wanted. 

Sprint to the top of the hill. 

Circled the guys up a minute or two early because we had an FNG in the house. Welcome Kardashian!


Prayers for Santa Claus’ friend’s son who may have a cancer diagnosis, Zima’s friend with a potential cancer diagnosis, TheBurn’s former football player with a potential diagnosis, Goat and his dad, Pastor at Lebanon Baptist Church healing from Appendicitis.

Promoted Darth Visor’s CSAUP, GrowRuck, and the Impact Ruck.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We had a great crowd this morning and BA is getting stronger. YHC enjoyed the opportunity provided to step up and lead on the fly. Awesome to see Zima and Woody pop in at the end of the BD. Pax were fired up to have Ol’ SmackDown join us. 

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