11s, Everest, & Escalators, oh my

AO: Starting Line

When: 08/17/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (5): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez, The Closer


Originally my name on the Q sheet was a place holder in hopes that another PAX would be taking the Q and leading the BD, but due to schedule and other things, the other PAX was not able to make it to the BD, so I was honored to step up and take the Q for the morning, so let the planning begin.

I had been recently revisiting my old Pinterest account, hey you should try it out there are a lot of great ideas, and found some new exercises so I stumbled on something I wanted to share with the PAX, and with the merkin challenge going strong for August, I decided to add in some contra burpees into the mix, with the first Thang set and some discussion with SirMixalot too add in a ruck to every BD to help him prep for the GrowRuck event coming up next month it was time to start the Pre-ruck.

We got a good pre-ruck in, and got back at the AO right at 530 with Suarez, TheCloser and Janeway there ready to get the party started.


We took a long mosey to the area behind the art center next to the middle school, a spot we had not used in quit awhile, and did the Disclaimer there also to prep for GrowRuck SirMixalot decided to mosey with his ruck, so I decided to join in with that as well so SirMixalot and I did the warm up with rucks on, great suggestion and tclaps to SirMixalot for taking the BD to the next level
Warm up
Copperhead squats
Moroccan night clubs
Hillbillys done

No need to Mosey we were already at the spot to begin the fun.

The Thang:

I picked the location for the morning due to the unique way the area has step ups that makes the ups and downs a bit more challenging and the plan was to do 11s with Contra burpees at the bottom and Big Boy crab humpers at the top
At the bottom we did 1 contra burpee, incrementing 1 additional merkin so each burpee would have 1 merkin then 2 merkins, then 3 merkins on up to a burpee with 10 merkins,
At the top I introduced Big Boy Crab humpers, start with a BBSU then plant your arms and thrust your hips up to the crab walk position then back down, that is one,  We stared with 10 of those
We then went back down and kept adding to the contra burpees and subtracting from the big boy crab humpers till the 11s were done.
Also I slacked off and took off my ruck to do the 11s but SirMixalot kept his on and completed the intro 112/BD with the ruck on… Well done to him, for sure!  After that I kept my ruck on as well until the BD was complete.

I have to admit this BD was a bit of a plan as you go after Thang1 was done so with that in mind we moseyed back to the steps and I decided to climb Mt Everest.

Start at the bottom of the steps and at each step up do 1 calf raise and 1 squat at each step until you reach a landing then lunge across the landing till you get to the next set of steps and then back to the calf raise/Squat at each step, repeat till we made it to the top of the steps.

Thang 2 was done and with the ruck resting on SirMixalots and my shoulders it was time to move on to Thang3

Escalator dialed to 10
First up was Janeway who called box cutters and instead of 3 we decided to do 10 box cutters, SirMixalot and I held the rucks above our heads and completed the set
Took a mosey around the short loop
SirMixalot called 10 4 count flutter kicks/w ruck
Then another short mosey
Suarez called 10 controlled merkins to finish it off
Then we Bernie Sandered around the short loop, a great way to end the BD.

At that point it was time to call the BD and I have to pause and say TClaps to SirMixalot for doing the entire BD with his ruck on, very impressive, indeed!!


Count and nameorama complete and have to say it was great to have The Closer there, he and all the HIM that showed up,  did a great job this morning

Darth Visor CSAUP is coming up
GrowRuck prep and dates are coming up soon too

Pray requests
for Suarez’s Sister and SirMixalot’s M
Also for Janeway as he has some upcoming job interviews


Acceleration point
shared Proverbs 3: 5-7 and how we should lean on God’s understanding and not on our limited insight/wisdom, especially since  Janeway and I are looking to find new career paths and it can get overwhelming when we only focus on our ability, but if we do what we can and leave the rest in SkyQ’s hands it will all work out the way it should.

A quick pray and time for Java!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria was good with discussions of the BD, GrowRuck and other things, and then we even had a last second drop in by Beeline, who we have since renamed to Bette Middler since we only seem to see him from a Distance, lol.
After that it was time to had out to start the day.

I know this was a bit of a thrown together Q but I was impressed by the way everyone took it in stride and special shout out to The Closer for joining us this morning In The Gloom and for SirMixalot for leveling up to Beast mode status by completing the entire BD with his ruck and that is on top of the Pre-Ruck, well done!!

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