Dinghy’s Chapter 33 Beatdown

AO: Meathouse

When: 08/16/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (2): Boomer


With only 2 at The Meathouse this morning, it would have been easy to call it quits call it an early morning. But then YHC remembered all the times he’s been to other lightly-attended beatdowns, and realized it was better to re-structure the workout, simplify things, pay the piper our fitness debt, and come out stronger at the other end. This thought, plus the fact that the other Pax is fitness accelerated law-talkin’ dude, made it easy to move forward. No sense in a long disclaimer – experienced legal help made it easy to get movin’……


10 Weedpickers

7 Willie Mays Hays (7 a side)

10 Moroccan night clubs

Fast walk with block from the flag to the scary/hot/dank stairwell

The Thang:

Chapter 11 – paying the first fitness debt. Start at the bottom of the stairs. Stiff leg deadlifts. Go to the top – Squats

Chapter 22 – couldn’t stand prosperity, so needed some more punishment. Fast walk to the bottom of the ramp. More 11’s, with bent rows paired with downhill Carolina Drydocks. Mode of travel up was Bernie Sanders, standard ruck-encumbered slow mosey downhill

Chapter 33 – we still hadn’t paid our fitness debt, so you guessed it: MORE 11’s. Fast walk to the flag.  Curls paired with dips, with curls at one end of the patio area, then lunge walk back/forth to the wall for dips.

Mary – Gas pumpers, flutter kicks, LBC’s



Darth Visor on 27th

Prayers for Boomer’s family, for healing for his Mom, strength for his Dad, and emotional strength for his nieces and his brother

Prayers for Dinghy’s friend Brian to be healed from cancer, as well as for continued opportunities to find his next chapter.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Although lightly attended, it was a great morning for a beatdown. It was less hot, and a little darker at time call, which means one thing: Fall weather is coming! C’mon out to the Meathouse, men – we’ll have the light on!

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