Deck of Death

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/16/2022

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (11): FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Krueger, Lefty, Lil Hurt, lumbergh, Morphine, Pinkey, Special K, Trebek


At T – 00:02, YHC read the back of the F3 Workout Deck- the 5 core principles.  Some mumblechatter followed, then a prompt start with a clearly articulated disclaimer.


Warm up began with two laps of the parking lot, with high knees, butt kickers and karaoke right & left.  The mosey continued to the electrical shed where we found the master light box locked up tight.  So we circled up in front of the bathrooms & kicked off the playlist with the Cranberries’ Dreams.  As we completed SSH, windmills, arm circles, and hillbillies, we chatted about the playlist and the teenage restlessness it invoked.

The Thang:

The Workout Deck of Death

The music & running continued out to the FOD, where we found some light by the fence.  Three-card, cold-hand poker was the game.  I dealt 3 cards to each PAX & we compared hands, lining up by winning-est hand.

Each card contains an exercise, and the rep counts are as recommended in the deck:  Add 10 to any number cards (3 => 13), Faces are 25, and Aces are 100.

We went down the line, with each PAX calling their three exercises & setting the order.  We got through 30 cards by 6:10- a milestone to beat next time.

Playlist of upbeat but emotional music is below:

  • Dreams- The Cranberries
  • Starlight- Muse
  • On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz
  • Time to Pretend- MGMT
  • Elevator Love Letter- Stars
  • Under Pressure- Queen & David Bowie
  • Tongue Tied- Grouplove
  • Save Your Tears- The Weeknd
  • Electric Love- BORNS
  • Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz
  • Read My Mind- The Killers

Head back to the Flag (where none other than Lefty was waiting for us) for a few rounds of Mary- Freddy Mercury’s, Box Cutters, J-Lo’s, Sweat Angels.


Prayers for Lil Hurt’s dad, in recovery from back surgery for another couple of weeks; Lumberg & M as they navigate professional decisions; Lefty’s ongoing recovery because cracked ribs suck.

Discussion on IronPax: Tuesdays, Rubicon will remain open with Pinkey and Lumberg as the core team, and any/all who want to take on IronPax head to the Academy.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Workout Deck was a nice change up.  Always a pleasure to lead.  Looking forward to doing this again & beating 30!

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