Burpee Name-“Tag”

AO: Norseman

When: 08/16/2022

QIC: Stu

PAX (21): Cam's, Chapter 11, DeLorean, FICO, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, HotSauce, Huffy, Longshanks, Nacho Libre, Orvis, Pepper, Shawshank, Stu, TMI, TO, Untouchable, Avis, salt, sugar, last call


The normal release plus be careful on the wet trails


Exploring the dark wet trails  with a few weedpickers and imperial walkers….

The Thang:

Returned to civilization and turf field 1 and played a hot new game of “Burpee Name-Tag”

Then as Joe Cocker said the Pax was “Feelin’ Alright” so we did some SSH’s, burpees, Mountain-Climbers and merkins.

We then partnered up for some alternate loop running and exercises.  We did not make it quite through the list of exercises when a UFO landed on the field so we ran back to defend our flag.


T&P’s for TO’s aunt and family, Last Call’s former employee, and all in need.

Ha-Ha explained what IPC stood for.  We agreed to go to the Academy for a Tuesday dose of IPC and we will host it on Thursday’s at NorthPark. (for those out of town on Thursday or those interested in a weekly double dose of IPC) Tuesday’s at the Norseman in September will be a usual beatdown. (if there is such a thing)



Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Academy (site of Old Milton High School) is a high impact beatdown held only on Tuesday’s. It lasts a full hour,  starts at 5:15am, and typically has more running (3 miles or so) than a Norseman beatdown.  Many of the Norseman are fully capable of posting there and should give it a try.  DM  @mayhem if you want more info.

An honor to lead as always and speedy recovery to @callahan

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