Frank who? Georgia sports trivia day

AO: Boneyard

When: 08/15/2022

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (10): Bo Knows, Dinghy, FannyPack, Mater, Snowman, Speedo, Stroller, Trebek, Valley Girl, Zohan


First Q at the boneyard, so I spent some time on google earth yesterday to get a lay of the land.  After this morning I’m looking forward to my next Q there, as it has a lot of opportunities!


Short mosey to the tennis courts for the disclaimer with all 5 F3 core principles mentioned, since Speedo and Zohan were both there!   WMH, WP, Good mornings, copperhead squats, sun Gods, SSH

The Thang:

Georgia sports trivia day!  We moseyed around the park using the lots and the field. We got through 11 of the questions. 5 correct, 4 incorrect, and 2 half correct.                                                                                                                                                                Correct         Incorrect   Half correct

1 The last time the University of Georgia Bulldogs won the national championship was in the 1980 season. Who did they beat, and how many rushing yards did Herschel Walker have that night?  ND, 150 10 Burpees 15 Burpees 12 Burpees
2 Chipper Jones number ?  10.  But when he first came in, what was it?     16 25 Alpha Mtn Climbers 40 Alpha MC 30 Alpha MC
3 Most passing yards in a game for UGA  ?   Eric Zeier   544 1 Bernie washboards 2 Bernie washboards
4 All 3 pitchers to win 6 cy Young awards in 1990’s ?  Glavine, Maddox, Smoltz 8 Wolverines 10 Wolverines 9 Wolverines
5 Before the recent win, When was the last World series win and who did the Braves beat? ’95 and Indians 40 LBC’s 50 LBC’s 45 LBC’s
6 Who was the MVP of the 1995 World Series?  Glavine 20 Bobby Hurleys 30 Bobby Hurleys
7 Falcons – most rushing yards in a single game?   Michael Turner  220yds 10 Merkin Jacks 15 Merkin Jacks 12 Merkin Jacks
8 UGA has 2 Heisman winners, name both.   Herchel Walker and Frank Sinkwich. Wheel of Merkins – 5 reps 2 WOM – 5
9 What team UGA has played the most – – 118 times with 55 wins each and 8 ties  –Auburn (trivia question might be a couple years old) 15 Alpha Bonnie Blairs 20 Alpha BB
10 1977 UGA vs. Kentucky – What prominent world figure attended the game in Athens? Prince Charles 10 Burpee Hops 15 Burpee Hops
11 Braves record for most HR in a single season – Andruw Jones -51 Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear-20yd Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear- 30yd
12 Single season rushing touchdown leader – Garrison Hearst – 19 in 1992 Lunge walk-20yd Lunge walk- 30yd
13 Who holds the career record for most receiving touchdowns?  Terrence Edwards 99-02 / 30  10 hillbilly squats 15 hillbilly squats
14 What was the score in 1990 when Tech beat UGA in Athens??  40-23 15 Alpha count shoulder taps 30 alpha count shoulder taps  


We cut it short because I wanted to do Foxholes on the field.  Start laying on the sideline, do a WWI situp, roll over. do a merkin. Roll over for 2 WWI sit ups, roll over 2 merkins. and so on adding a rep each roll over.  Got up to about 10 then headed back to flag for Mary in the last 2 minutes.


Prayers out to all the kids and parents during the college move in period… a lot of anxiety and stress for all involved.

Best wishes and support to Dinghy on his search for a new career

Darth Visor at Fowler park (Big Creek) Aug 27

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Love leading at a different AO. Will definitely try and do more of this in the coming year.

Still wondering how Dinghy new who Frank Sinkwich was. ( 1942 UGA Heisman winner. Photo above)

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