Turkey Time VQ

AO: Nirvana

When: 08/13/2022

QIC: turkey

PAX (8): BabyFace, Dosido, Pinkey, Special K, Stu, turkey, T-rex, Avis, Miller Time (Pre-Ruck)


With hints of fall in the air, time was ripe for a Turkey VQ. ¬†8 pax for the beatdown, 2 for the pre-ruck. Feathering out for the disclaimer, we were off to station 1 within moments…


Pax got their gobble getup (station 1) on with side-straddle hop, 30 slow merkins, 20 slow flutter kicks, ¬†some easy covid’s, and that’s about as slow as this flock got all morning. Mosey over to station 2.

The Thang:

Brine Station. (station 2) Hitting arms hard right off the bat, it was 10 pull-ups, 10 Bear-crawl, 15 mountain climbers, 20 squats, and 15 donkey kicks in rotation to the count of 5. LBC’s once 50 pull-ups complete. Notably absent was hype music…but then again, perhaps it’s fitting, as we were off to the next station…slaughter station.

Slaughter Station. (station 3)

Turkey Hill awaited, and would soon be conquered. Completed 100 burpees at the bottom, pax ran to the top for a quick 4 pushups, then returned to the start to swap burpee reps. Alternate hill runs were completed tail first. 30-50 ab reps were added in to catch our breath, just before reminding the surviving turkeys…the slaughter was just a warmup. Pax destroyed that hill, and showed no signs of wear. And just as quickly, it was left behind to mosey to station 4.

Claw Sharpener: (station 4)

With a wonderful Milton turf just awaiting the flock, pax lined up in the in zone, and were off with:

10 yard bear crawl (aka Turkey Crawl), 4 pushups, 10 yard bear crawl, 4 side straddle hope, 10 yard bear crawl, 4 low squats, all the way to the opposite inzone. With 100 yards of claw sharpening, we were just enough out of breath to get the real work in…

Fly or Fry: (Station 5)

The stairs beckoned. Up each lane, followed by 10 donkey kicks, and 4 squats at the top (the 10-4 theme carried through), the pax made flying look easy. But it wasn’t over yet…

Stuff-Me-Not: (Station 6)

It was back to the in zone for another set of crawls. 10 yard successions again, but this time with alternating crab crawls, pushups, and flutter kicks. The turkeys stretched their arms to the skies, seeming like the BD end was near…when Dosido blessed us all by leaving his phone on the opposing side.

Trot till ya trim: (impromptu station 7)

Full speed inzone 100 yard sprints got the phone, and had pax off towards the flag, but what’s a mosey without a set of pushups thrown in. Shortly after, we reaching the parking lot.

Gobble till ya drop: (station 8)

Gathered in a ring, pax planked for 45 sec, but we had another 1.5 minutes to 8am…so without break, we dropped pushups one by one around the ring, with a resounding audible “gobble” for each pushup completion. No one (presumably) knows how many we did total, but it was the stroke of 8am that ended the gobble circle.


Babyface announced the incredible Ruck challenge/cherokee upcoming event. Any and all pax encouraged to attend. More details on slack. Sounds like an incredible transformative event, confirmed by all have attended in the past.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Major thanks to ALL who came out to support my VQ! Enjoyed it greatly, fantastic teamwork by all.

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