2022 F3_FiA_2.0 Convergence

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/06/2022

QIC: Speedo, U-Haul, Tex

PAX (104): Benny, Bo Knows, Caroline, Cookie, Cox, Crab Cake, Dipstick, DREAMER, False Start, FannyPack, Groundhog, Ha-ha, Hollywood, Irene, Laces, Legos, Mater, Nacho Libre, PitStop, Special K, Speedo, Stroller, Thumper, TMI, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Trebek, Turbine, vertigo, Zohan, Avis, Brownie, Homie, Slider, Van Gogh


Lots of fun with a warm-up by Brownie, beat down by U-Haul, Speedo, Titanium and Tex followed by naming new folks and a huge name-a-rama.

The Thang:

Here’s who posted:

Angel (2.0)
Avis (F3)
Batgirl (2.0)
Benny (F3)
Bo Knows (F3)
Boxcar Jesse (2.0)
Brownie (F3)
Buzz (FiA)
Candy (2.0)
Caroline (F3)
Cheetah (FiA)
Chocolate Chip (2.0)
Cleaner (FiA)
Cookie (F3)
Coupon (2.0)
Cox (F3)
Crab Cake (F3)
Cupcake (2.0)
Dead Lift (2.0)
Dipstick (F3)
Donut (2.0)
Dreamer (F3)
False Start (F3)
Fanny Pack (F3)
Flip Flop (FiA)
Freestyle (2.0)
Gecko (2.0)
Ghost Rider (FiA)
Goldfish (2.0)
Groundhog (F3)
Ha-ha (F3)
Hairy (2.0)
Hammer (FiA)
Hollywood (F3)
Homie (F3)
Hot Wheels (2.0)
Irene (F3)
Kicks (2.0)
Laces (F3)
Lambeau (2.0)
Legos (F3)
Lightyear (2.0)
M&M (FiA)
Mario Cat (2.0)
Mater (F3)
Messi (2.0)
Millhouse (2.0)
Muffin (2.0)
Nacho Libre (F3)
Naptime (2.0)
Narwal (2.0)
Nerf (2.0)
Numerator (2.0)
Palamino (2.0)
Peanut (2.0)
Pirkle (FiA)
Pitstop (F3)
Potter (2.0)
Princess Peach (2.0)
Queso (FiA)
Rainbow (2.0)
Rapid (FiA)
Sea Monkey (2.0)
Shhh (FiA)
Signs (FiA)
Slider (F3)
Snax (2.0)
Soccer star (2.0)
Song Bird (FiA)
Sonic (2.0)
Sonic Boom (FiA)

Spandex (F3)

Sparks (2.0)
Special K (F3)
Speedo (F3)
Splitz (2.0)
Spunky (2.0)
Stitches (2.0)
Striker (2.0)
Stripes (2.0)
Stroller (F3)
Take down (2.0)
Taquito (FiA)
Tex (FiA)
Thumper (F3)
Titanium (FiA)
TMI (F3)
Trebek (F3)
Triple Threat (FiA)
Tuck (2.0)
Turbine (F3)
Umass (F3)
Van Gogh (F3)
Venus (2.0)
Vertigo (F3)
Wheels (2.0)
Yoshi (2.0)
Zohan (F3)
Zumbo (FiA)


It was a fun morning with great weather and great fellowship.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Special thanks to Cox for operating the drone, Ha-ha for taking amazing pics, Brownie for leading the warm-up, U-Haul, Tex and Titanium for helping plan and execute this event, Cheetah (my M) for leaving early to organize the snacks/drinks, everyone who brought snacks/drinks and to those who helped in other ways I can’t remember right now.

–Speedo out

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