Speedo Trio Part 2-Cinderhenge

AO: Boneyard

When: 08/12/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (10): FannyPack, Feathers, Mater, Scar, Skip-pe, Speedo, Stroller, Trebek, Zohan, Ozone (FNG)


A minute before my alarm went off this morning I got a text from my youngest son asking when the beat down started.  He is NOT a morning person but I played like this was normal and told him the details.  Sure enough, he was waiting for me when I got downstairs.  This was shaping up to be a good morning.

We arrived a little early for some minor setup, passing Stroller on his pre-run (not to be confused with his post-swim).  Cars started rolling in, the pre-requested cinders were out and, of course, the discussion centered around the variety of cinders, their weight, density, etc.  #F3nerds.

As 5:30 approached a complete and thorough disclaimer was given and we were off.


Mosey with the cinders to the playground area where they were placed haphazardly (for now) and continued our mosey up toward the concession-less concession stand (CCS) for:

  • SSH IC x15
  • Hillbillies IC x12
  • Weed pickers IC x12
  • Michael Phelps OYO

A little more mosey back past the flag until I found the darkest possible spot in the park…the T-intersection at the bottom of the hill between the playground and the pond.

The Thang:

Thang 1

Partner up for Dora BOMBS.  P1 does the exercise while P2 ran up the hill (past the cinders placed earlier) to the little free library and back then flap jack.  BOMBS include:

  • Burpees
  • Overhead claps (easy for the first 30 seconds then not so much)
  • Merkins
  • Big bois
  • Squats

At some point during this thang, someone (or something) stacked the cinders into a stonehenge-like formation.  Meaningless but maybe not….

After a confusing and very slow walking 10-count by Trebek we grabbed the cinders and stopped at the pavilion by the little free library where a board of pain awaited.  This was called station 1 and YHC called out/demonstrated the four exercises which were:

  • Derkins with cinders (feet on a bench, hands on two cinders to allow for a deep burn)
  • Dips
  • Hand-release merkins
  • Swerkins (a Mike Tyson but your feet are on a swing)

We did 20 of each to start in any order.  Note to self…don’t save the swerkins for last.

After planking for the six, we moseyed to station 2 which was the other pavilion (CCS) where another board of pain awaited.  This time we focused on legs:

  • Steps-ups
  • Squat jumps
  • Lunges (single)
  • Monkey Humpers

We did 20 of each and air-chaired for the six.

Mosey to station 3 which looked a lot like station 1 for a repeat of the mucho chesto set above but we only did 10 of each this time.  I started with swerkins.  Plank for the six.

Pick up the cinders and head back to station 4 (aka station 2) for 10 each of the leg set.  Pick up the cinders and head back to the flag for some mary (flutters, LBCs, something else and Annies (thanks a ton Feathers)).

Time called


Welcome FNG Ozone.  I’m thankful to be your dad and love you immeasurably.

Prayers for Zohan’s friend as he works to lead his family even when it’s hard.  Praise to Zohan for being a friend who can call things like they are (not how we want to hear/see them) and call us to a higher place.

Coach Ramos 5k on 8/20 – check Slack and/or Laces for details

Darth Visor CSAUP on 8/27 at Big Creek (Fowler Park) – 6:45 start. Get this on your calendar if you can.  Check Slack for details.

Prayers for kids back in school and for kids leaving again for college.

Prayers for wisdom and peace for us all.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I didn’t have time to bring it up this morning but one of the inspirations for the Speedo Trio is to honor my oldest son who just turned 26 yesterday.  Alec lives with a mental illness that was diagnosed about 10 years ago.  He’s the smartest person I know (1540 SAT without studying) and he works hard to do things many of us take for granted.

There is a big difference between ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ and I encourage you to learn the main differences.  Or DM me on Slack or text me at 678-777-5402 and we can have a conversation.  The stats in the beat-down image show that approximately 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness in their lives.  It’s easy to self-diagnose depression, anxiety, etc. as a mental illness but I encourage you to seek professional help for whoever it is and not let our culture, news cycles, etc. tell you something that may not be true.

The F3 community has given me the license to talk about this topic without shame or fear of judgment.  Thank you.  I know many of you face similar or perhaps more challenging circumstances in your own lives.  Please don’t try to keep it to yourself.  At a minimum, share it with your Heavenly Father who can bring peace that surpasses understanding.  If possible, share it with a brother who can listen and pray with/for you.  We are not meant to carry burdens alone.

Love you guys!

–Speedo out

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