Nut up or Shut up

AO: Windjammer

When: 08/12/2022

QIC: Dipstick

PAX (8): Caroline, Cookie, Hungry Hungry, Stu, Townie, uga, Farvuh


A quick disclaimer, then a brief explanation of the beatdown. We’ll be learning the rules of Zombieland today! Off to the Dam.


Rule #18 – Limber up!

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, Windmills, and COVIDs.

The Thang:

Rule #1 – Cardio. You don’t need to be the fastest. You just need to outlast a few others so the zombies don’t get you. We moseyed past the Sports Park, up to Harbour Ridge, and back down to the coupon pile at the Sports Park.

Rule #8 – Get a kickass partner. Count off by twos, ones grab a coupon.

Rule #2 – The Double Tap. One partner does two overhead presses, then passes to the other partner. We counted up to 60.

Rule #5 – No attachments. Your partner gets lost in the woods (runs the trail) while you do curls. We did this for three rounds and switched to Skull Crushers and then Moracan Nightclubs.

Rule #3 – Beware of bathrooms. Don’t let them catch you with your pants down. One partner does balls to the wall (pants stayed on), and the other partner ran to the gate and back. If the running partner returns and the other partner is off the wall, 5 burpees each. We were to do three rounds of this, but YHC can’t count that high. So, we did two and moved on to the next rule.

Rule #4 – Seat belts. Back to the coupon pile, and those without coupons grabbed one. YHC invented “The Seat Belt” in which you move the coupon above your shoulder, to the opposite side of your waist, and then across your waist. We did 25 in cadence.

Rule #6 – The Skillet. We skipped this, because it was fry day.

Rule #7 – Travel light. Put the coupons back.

Rule #9 – With your bare hands. Bear crawl to the sidewalk to the sports park from the coupon pile.

Rule #11 – Use your feet. Back to the flag.

Rule #13 – Shake it off. American Hammers until time was up (about 1 minute).


Blood drive today. Red Cross checked their dipstick, and it was full. Next blood drive in October, but please donate in the meantime if you haven’t lately. YHC may have a surprise incentive for the next one… always working on something!

Darth Visor CSAUP the 27th @ Big Creek (Fowler Park, for those non-Forsythians).

Always an honor and privilege to lead!


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