Introducing Colonel Sanders’ Free Pain Feast

AO: Bushwood

When: 08/12/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (5): BallBoy, Flo, Popper (Dan Richard), Jocko (2.0)


As today was the last day of the year for Bushwood, YHC was going to need some help to close the season out with a bang. As my 2.0 just had his birthday AND was due for some leadership training and it was my anniversary Q, what better opportunity for a split Q to enable maximum focus? So, with a quick disclaimer and a pre-built board of pain, we were off……


10 each of the following:



Michael Phelps (definitely needed)


Short 1/4 mile mosey out to the first cul-de-sac, back to the playground


The Thang:

  1. 2 rounds of Tabatas. First round alternating exercises: Pullups / Dips                                                                                  Second round alternating exercises: Swerkins (Mike Tyson with feet on                                          a swing), squats
  2. 11’s with hand release Mercans and plank jacks, mode of travel the Colonel Sanders (Duck walk/walking lunges with air press on each step – rest assured, these are a keeper!)
  3. As MASTER OF PUPPETS started on the playlist, it was time to head to the pool for Jocko’s amphibious part of the beatdown, which included:
    • 100 yard freestyle warmup
    • 50 yard kick only for each  stroke (freestyle, breast stroke, and backstroke)
    • 100 adjusted individual medley of free, back, breast, free
    • One lap of Indian Swim
  4. Mary (done to Olivia Newton John’s PHYSICAL – RIP): Pickle Pointers, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks


Announcement: Darth Visor CSAUP on 8/27


  • Prayers for Flo’s family as they assist his mother in the sale of her house
  • Praises for Flo as his knee injury is not as serious as initially expected
  • Continued prayers for opportunities in Dinghy’s job search

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Where did this summer go? Bushwood closing is like that sign that fall is coming, like the leaves turning, football season, and the salmon returning to Capistrano. That said, it was another productive summer, and it was an opportunity for us to change things up, have some fun, and still get stronger. It was also with pride that YHC saw his 2.0 come up with his portion of the beatdown, the playlist, and another creative way to make grown men curse. Honored and thankful that we got to share the responsibility of leading. Thanks men for the hard work today!

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