Pre-Blast – Things I Hate

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/10/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (1): No-See-Um


So yes, this is a pre-blast for YHC’s Q for tomorrow (8/11)…….don’t see these very often but wanted to give full warning for all who may think of posting.


Hate is a strong word but that is the theme for tomorrow….specifically, “Things I Hate”.


Now, there are obviously varying degrees of hate.

Some of these things are just annoying and some YHC really does hate.


Some will be exercises solely and some will be actual things/beings/jackass’s that I truly hate.


Hopefully fun will be had by all and in the end, dare I say we will find LOVE in the things I Hate.


Pictures will give a few hints….




The Thang:


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