Red Hot Chili Peppers Musical Tour

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/08/2022

QIC: Raider

PAX (15): aflac, Bear, Catheter, Choo Choo, Donor, gmonkey, Matt Shields-Norm, Meltdown, Moonshine, Raider, rip, Switch, Yankee, Nutmeg; Wiff


As YHC has a long-awaited Red Hot Chili Peppers concert to attend this week, he was inspired to do a themed beatdown.  Normal routine for a little pre-beatdown setup with defacto lights and poster boards.

Headed to the football field parking lot.


The usual with disclaimer

10 SSH

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Plan Jacks

20 Forward/Reverse Arm Circles

The Thang:

YHC had 4 stations setup with each corresponding to a RHCP album.

Station 1 (Parking Lot) – Blood Sugar Sex Magik

“Give it Away” – PAX formed a circle with a lifting coupon.  Q called out different coupon routines during the verses, and on the chorus “Give it Away” each PAX passed his coupon to the next person in counter-clockwise fashion.

“Suck My Kiss” – PAX lined up on the curb and did Lt. Dan’s across the parking lot.  Was concerned about the lyrics with Nutmeg – but he assured us he heard worse.

Station 2 (Parking Lot) – Californication

“Around the World” – PAX worked their way along the curb of the parking with side-to-side hand and feet movement.  They bear-crawled across to the opposite curb and around in a loop.

Station 3 (Football Field) – By The Way 

By The Way” and “Can’t Stop” – PAX lined up on the goal line and were instructed to do a number of Burpees then sprint to the corresponding yard line.  The additional challenge was that PAX were given the option of eating a Chili Pepper or Red Hot for a themed inspiration on each round.

2 Burpees – 20 yards

4 Burpees – 40 yards

6 Burpees – 60 yards

8 Burpees – 80 yards

10 Burpees – Goal Line

Station 4 (Football Stadium) – Stadium Arcadium

Tell me Baby” and “Dani California” – PAX partnered-up.  Partner A did Dips, while Partner B  did high-knees up to the top and back.  Rinse and repeat.

Station 5 (Playground) – Some Random RHCP song

Quick round of Roll call on the pull-up bars


Back to the flag – misread the time and almost ended beatdown 3 min early – but quickly reprimanded by Bear and finished with Mary (thanks Bear for keeping me honest).

Prayers for recovery and healing.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, enjoyed trying something different with the beatdown.

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