On the Fly Group Q

AO: Boneyard

When: 08/08/2022

QIC: Speedo

PAX (3): Mater, Speedo, Brownie


Due to a special beat down at the Hooch, the Boneyard was up for grabs this morning so we ‘agreed’ to do a group Q.  By ‘agree’ I mean we showed up for the beatdown and YHC told the pax we were doing a group Q.  I took the first round which gave guys a chance to figure out what they wanted to do.


YHC led the group on a mosey behind the amphitheater then through the park over to the circular driveway next to the community center for:

  • Imperial walkers
  • Weed pickers
  • Copperhead squats
  • Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang:

Speedo’s thang:

At the bottom of the circle do 10 diamond merkins then bear crawl half the circle, run the rest.  Rinse and repeat with 8, 6, 4 and 2 diamonds.

Brownie’s thang:

Mosey into the super-dark back part of the park, stopping at various benches for some squats.  Made it to the pull-up bars where we did 10 then 10 BBSUs.  Another round included 5 pull-ups with 15 BBSUs.  Mosey to the parallel bars for 15 full-body-weight dips, short rest then 5 more dips.  Keep moseying to another bench for 15 ‘regular’ (aka much easier than the other dips) dips.  Stopped at another bench for some squats then to the stairs by the pond where we did 3 calf raises on each step.  Mosey to the grassy hill by the tennis courts where we bear crawled up the hill,10 donkey kicks against the fence then bear crawl back down.  Rinse and repeat with 5 donkey kicks then once again with 1 donkey kick.  That sucked.

Mater’s thang:

Mosey to the pavilion by the soccer fields for 30 seconds of BTTW followed by 5 burpees.  Next we did 5 alpha count picnic table walkovers, some derkins, 30-second air chair, dips then some irkins (probably missed one or more exercises…we were never idle).  Mosey to the lacrosse field for 3 rounds of 4-corners (using a half field).  First round was 10 monkey humpers at each corner.  Next was 10 freddie mercuries.  Lastly we did 10 SSH.

Finished up with a round of 21 gas pumpers at the flag.


Thanks given for Ready Mix’s life and legacy.  Continued prayers for his M and 2.0s.

Prayers for new school year including for kids, parents, teachers, bus drivers, administrators, custodians, cafeteria workers, resource officers and others who all contribute to helping our kids learn and grow.

Prayers for wisdom, patience and peace.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for helping lead this morning guys.  F3 is a leadership development group and when we see an opportunity/need to lead we step in and do it.  You guys did a great job and I am thankful for you.

–Speedo out

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