Dinghy’s Bloody Mary Recipe Beatdown

AO: The Bridge

When: 08/05/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (4): Birdie, Maguire, Pop


Sometimes a regular beatdown is just not enough to get the eyes open. YHC decided to try out a new cocktail recipe for the PAX at the Bridge. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Disclaimer was given. And away we went


10 each of:




Moroccan nightclubs

Michael Phelps

Mosey from the flag to the Lazy Dog, then down the ramp to the back parking lot

The Thang:

1. 4 Corners of killer B’s, adding an exercise at each corner. Started with 5 Burpees, ran to corner 2, added 10 alpha Bonnie Blairs,  to corner 3, added 15 big boys, to corner 4 added 20 Bobby Hurleys

2. Mosey to village green stage  for 11’s. Donkey Kicks (stage) paired with Mike Tysons (at first stone wall), travel via run.

3. Mosey to pullup bars. Tabata with pullups alternating with dips.

4. Mosey through the playground, weaving through the bamboo poles, to the flag. 7’s with step ups and Carolina Drydocks

5. Bloody Mary – start with 10 buzz saws, then 10 count low plank, then to 10 normal cadence reps of  specified exercise, back to 10 count low plank, then repeat for next exercise. Exercises included gas pampers, flutter kicks, American hammers, and LBC’s…

And that was time



Blood drive 8/12. Darth Visor is 8/27.

Prayers for travel mercies, healing for Birdie’s son’s knee, patience for Pop as he plays single dad for 10 days, and new opportunities for Dinghy

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great day for a beatdown as always, gents. Thanks for letting me lead and for pushing me to get better


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