You want miles….we’ve got miles.

AO: Windjammer

When: 08/05/2022

QIC: Milli Vanilli

PAX (4): Caroline, Cookie, uga


Look!  It’s 5:30am.  Our usual start time at the Windjammer.

Let’s not sue anybody today.  It’s Friday.


Mosey to the Flag for a bit of a warm up….



Imperial Walkers

Willie Mays Hays.

The Thang:

It’s a been a bit since we’ve done a Merkan Mile so today’s as good as any…plus, Caroline hasn’t done one yet so let’s take the stroll down the not so usual path and head over towards Southlake.

5 Burpees at each cross street.  Once we hit Southlake, we head down to Webb Bride doing 20 Alpha Count Hillbillies at various intervals.  Cookie was kind enough to point out that YHC wasn’t doing them correctly.  As in my form was terrible and my elbows weren’t touching my knees.  I advised I am chunky and physically unable to perform to code.

Back to where we started the Merkan Mile…this is the top of the Dora.  Bottom is well…down at the bottom by the traffic light at Webb Bridge.

Pair up and let’s Dora.

100 Merkans

200 Dolly

300 Squats

And back to the Flag we go….we strolled back and landed right at 6:15 for an on time arrival.


A quick COT today.

Reminder on Blood Drive, rescheduled for next Friday.

Reminder on Convergence with 2.0

Close it out with a prayer.

Thanks to Cookie for the COT….9 Lessons from an F3 Downranger.  Great lessons.

We enjoyed coffee and the calm before the school year storm.


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