5 Core Principles

AO: Big Creek

When: 08/03/2022

QIC: Inseam

PAX (14): 5-Way, Baskins, Benny, cingular, Crab Cake, Dumpster, emeril, Inseam, Mr. Hand, Schneider, Snowman, Swiper, Valley Girl, Whiz


Today marks exactly 1 month until college football kickoff. The greatest day of the year. Added bonus… Emeril is back in town for work and posting! For this, we shall prepre run…Slap The Bridge!!


Inform Baskins where to meet us. Dude pulled an elvis as the clock struck 0530. Play the tunes. Give a flawless disclaimer (which included all 5 core principles in order) and do the usual. Pax had a hard time keeping cadence.

The Thang:

Mosey down the giant uncharted hill to the PoPo Gas Station, our first point. Ask pax what the first core principle is and let them know we’ll do 25 Burpees if they get it right or 25 Wolverines if they get it wrong. They got it wrong.

Mosey down to the red light, our second point. Right-25 Hand Release Merkins or Wrong-50 HRM. They got it right.

Mosey up the giant hill back to point one. Right-50 LBCs or Wrong-50 BBSUs. They got it wrong. (forgot Heat or Cold).

Mosey up to the old startex. Right-25 Jump Squats or Wrong 25 Bonnie Blares (alpha count). They somehow got it right thanks to Snowman.

Mosey around the bean to the F3 Pavillion….wait wtf…they renamed it to the F2 Pavillion…whatever. Right-30 Dips or Wrong 115 Burpees. They got it right.

Mosey down to baseball field for a punishment. Then pop quiz…give me all 5 in order and we head back for 3 MoM or wrong and Burpee till the clock strikes 0615. They got it right. Sprint home.


Darth Visor Memorial Event 8/27. Shirt order due by this Friday.

TNT – Challenge pax to remove the governor from their minds. Physically and emotionally. We often hit what we perceive to be our limit…but if we make the conscious decision to still somehow push forward just a little further, we’ll discover what we are truly capable of.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was the first BD I’ve lead where I would call cadence and hear nothing back from the PAX. What’s worse, it happened multiple times. Part of it was the amount of mumble chatter (I love mumble chatter, it is always encouraged, to a degree) and the other part was simple lack of verbal participation in counts and today (this is new to me, we gotta step up). The lack of respect for the Q was high, and that is on the Q. I try to run a tight ship in an effort to cut back on wasted time. I failed today and that’s on me. Please forgive me…we’ll right this ship 8/24 🙂

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