This was better than a ruck – Ace Ventura Quote

AO: Starting Line

When: 07/30/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Ace Ventura, Script Kiddie, Suarez


This slacker is behind to get this BB out and Ace was nice enough to call me out to get this BB done, sorry for the delay and now on with the show.
Thanks to some Down range ideas from Janeway, a trip to Jericho with Hushpuppy introducing me and the other PAX to the Bantha, and a suggestion from the HIM that EHed me into F3, Mouth2Mouth I had a plan that promised to really get the PAX moving so with that set and the morning ready to go Suarez and I were there to get in a pre-ruck in, it was a good pace and some great conversation.
Ace was there when we got back to the AO and that set the numbers at 3, so it  was time to start the festivities


Moseyed to our normal spot to begin the warm up
Weed picker
Moroccan night clubs
Copperhead Squats

The Thang:

Let the games begin
This was the Mouth2Mouth suggestion
11s on the ground
1 Diamond merkin
Bear Crawl to the fence posts
10 Ranger merkins
Bear Crawl back
Back and forth till 11s were done (This was to give an arm equivalent to the Dan Taylors, I think that was accomplished) and judging by the mumble chatter Ace and Suarez enjoyed every minute of the bear crawl fun… Yeah not so much lol

This is where I introduced Ace and Suarez to the Bantha, and the second round of 11s
1 Happy Jack (4 SSHs then drop and do 1 merkin)
Take the short loop and get to the other side of the starting point and do
10 Banthas (1BBSU then 4 Crunchy frogs is one)
Run to the short cut across, Bernie Sanders to the other side and then run back to the staring point
We did this a few times then, with time looking like we would not be able to complete the entire 11s and me wanting to be a completionist, I switched it up
we made the run shorter by doing the happy jack just going to the cut across, and completing the Banthas there then Bernie Sander back to the start
We were able to complete the second round of 11s with just enough time for a round of Mary
13 WWII setups to finish it of

Happy Jack was a DR add thanks to Janeway
Bantha was a creation of Hushpupies 2.0s Grogu and Dr. Darth
TCalps to all of them and to Mouth 2 Mouth for his part in this BD as well.


The FIA/F3 convergence is this weekend Starting Line will be open
The Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP is coming up and on that weekend Starting Line will be closed

Acceleration Point
from Dark Helmet
“Stop waffling, commit and do what you said you would do.  Every time you back down, you lie a little more to yourself and you erode trust.

Stop being less.”

Prayers for safe travels for the PAX getting the last few road trips in before school starts back up.

And with that we ended with a pray

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Time to get some coffee and take the picture Suarez, Ace and I were not able to hang out long so we headed out to start the day.

Some BDs though not large in PAX count or in complexity really helps encourage me and this, was one of those being around HIM like Ace and Suarez really is a blessing. I feel I am a better leader in all areas thanks in part to them and other HIM of F3.

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