“The Farmer’s Market

AO: Academy

When: 08/02/2022

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (5): Devito, Hollywood, Turbine, Squid


As this was YHC first beatdown as Site Q, I wanted to bring it with a IronPax-ish style workout as we lead up to the main event in September. Late last night, I was worried I’d scared off the region as Devito was my only HC. Fortunately, Turbine and Hollywood came through, and we even got a flying EH! Many thanks to Turbine and Devito for there efforts there.


Just a quick Mosey, then straight into the Board of Pain.

The Thang:

See the picture above. 3 rounds of “U pick 2”, where each Pax would chose 2 of the six excercises on the board, run either a lap or stadium stairs, then pick two more. Round was over when all exercises for the round were completed. Various coupons were used from Mayhem’s dungeon: weighted jump rope, #30 ruck plate, 8 lb medicine ball, 40 lb sand bag, and even 2 lb baby weights (not easy, don’t be fooled!).


Welcome FNG Squid! We found cranking out 800s that early in the gloom, and with a little push from Turbine, he joined us in round 2.

Prayers for Devito’s daughter for answers and healing.

Similar prayers for me and my own health issues.

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