Brotherhood and Cinders

AO: Gladiator

When: 08/02/2022

QIC: Laces

PAX (15): Bo Knows, Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Fire Drill, Laces, Mater, Moonshine, Motorboat, RaspberryPi, Scratch-Off, Speedo, TheBigShort, vertigo, Zohan


Looks like most everyone got the ‘bring your cinder note’…awesome!

No FNGs, let’s mosey (on time)


After a short mosey to the grassy knoll, we laid our cinders and preformed some SSH, Weed Pickers and The World’s Greatest Stretch.  QIC gave a briefing on what’s to come followed by one round of Mucho Chesto.

The Thang:

Partner 1 preforms exercise on board of pain while partner 2 moseys up the hill to the cone, preforms 2 burpees and runs back (switch).  Same exercise is performed, with cinder, for the duration of the song, once the song ends, and new exercise begins


-man makers

-mountain climbers




-skull crushers


…after completing that, the PAX moseyed to the pitch for indian run lap, almost witnessing a near decapitation of DC2 head and then finished with 4 half-field sprints.  Moseyed back to the flag for some marry!


Lots of announcements, praises and prayer request this morning!  

-Vertigo’s daughter resilience to overcoming Bell’s Palsy

-Praise to DC2 for not fartsacking, or to Jocko Willink, I’m not sure 🙂

-Prayers for Zohan’s son undergoing wisdom tooth surgery (all 4)

-F3/FiA Convergence, 8/6, 7am, Will Park.  Everyone is welcome!

-Praise to Moonshine and his daughters attitude of gratefulness and positive outlook on work

-2nd Annual Coach Cliff Ramos Legacy 5k on 8/20

-Prayers for healing on tragic loss of a good friend, Al Blashaw (Fire Drill and Laces)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Too many things compete for our limited resources of attention, energy and time.  Thankfully, we have a Heavenly Father who we can trust and turn to and let Him know what’s going on…worry about nothing, pray about everything – Phil 4:6-7

What an awesome morning!  Great workout, great group of men, pushing each other to get better, absolutely loved it, thanks for letting me lead!


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